2012 October: Middleby Marshall Installs 20,000th oven in Domino’s 9,999th Store

October x, 2012 (Elgin, Ill.) – The 20,000th Middleby Marshall Oven for Domino’s Pizza was recently installed in Domino’s 9,999th store which opened recently in Carlsbad, California under the direction of owners Shane Casey and Dan Hosseini.

“Domino’s Pizza is cooking nearly 400 million pizzas every year in Middleby Marshall ovens, from our basic oven to the WOW! Oven in their stores,” said Mark Sieron, President of Middleby Marshall. “We are truly honored to be their partner for more than three decades and celebrate this milestone achievement.”

Middleby Marshall has been an oven supplier to Domino’s Pizza for more than 30 years and has grown with the pizza chain as they enter new global markets. Currently there are Middelby Marshall ovens in Domino’s in nearly 70 countries on six continents.

“In my 24 years with Domino’s Pizza I have always exclusively used Middleby Marshall ovens in all my stores,” said franchisee Shane Casey. “The ovens continue to advance, and the WOW! Oven is the fastest and most consistent bake yet. When my stores have record sales days, the Middleby Marshall ovens keep the pizzas coming and the deliveries on time.”

About Middleby Marshall
Middleby Marshall is a division of The Middleby Corporation (NASDAQ: MIDD), a world leader in commercial cooking. Middleby Marshall is the #1 global manufacturer of conveyor cooking ovens, including the WOW! Oven, the fastest and most energy saving conveyor oven in the world and CTX, the only infrared conveyor oven in the commercial cooking market. The WOW! Oven is in use around the world by the top six pizza chains.

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