2013 April: DairiConcepts Launches New DairiFusion™ Line with PARMPLUS Flavor-Intensified Ingredient

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– PARMPLUS, a clean label, flavor-intensified version of freshly grated Parmesan cheese, is the frontrunner of DairiConcepts’ new DairiFusion™ line of innovative ingredients. DairiFusion™ PARMPLUS creates flavor impact and cost-in-use savings in commercially prepared foods for retail and food service markets when used to replace Parmesan cheese in formulation.

“To combat the ever-fluctuating prices of cheese, DairiConcepts is committed to supplying its customers with new and innovative ingredients to address this concern and to accommodate consumer preferences in labeling. With PARMPLUS, we have found an effective way to deliver full cheese flavor at reduced cheese usage rates while maintaining a clean label declaration,” said Jeff Miyake, president of DairiConcepts.

PARMPLUS delivers a sharper, more assertive flavor than traditional Parmesan cheese. Sensory evaluations through DairiConcepts’ Quantitative Descriptive Analysis Panel verified the product’s more intense Parmesan and overall total flavor notes compared to standard Parmesan cheese. Because of the increased flavor intensity, PARMPLUS works well to lower standard cheese usage up to 25 percent (which may vary per application) while matching full-flavored, traditional Parmesan profiles. PARMPLUS applications include food items such as Alfredo and other white sauces, red sauces, soups, dressings, dips, pizzas, entrees and selected baked goods.

PARMPLUS comes in a freshly-grated format with a maximum moisture level of 32 percent and can be incorporated into most food systems without grinding or pre-processing. The product contains no phosphates and is made from real Parmesan cheese. Its recommended shelf life is 90 days at refrigerated temperatures.

To learn more, go to www.dairiconcepts.com

About DairiConcepts

DairiConcepts, L.P., is a leading U.S. provider of innovative, dairy-based ingredients for the global food industry, producing cheese and dairy powders, bases and seasoning blends; cheese and dairy flavors and concentrated pastes; standard of identity hard Italian cheeses, as well as blends and value replacers; and sodium-reducing flavor enhancers. The company also provides contract manufacturing services requiring a high level of expertise.

DairiConcepts serves major food companies, food service providers, restaurant chains, and industrial ingredient and private label food manufacturers. Founded in 2000 as a partnership of Dairy Farmers of America, Inc. and Fonterra Co-operative Group, Limited, DairiConcepts today has eight manufacturing plants in the United States, two development laboratories and a pilot testing plant. All eight facilities are SQF 2000-Level 3 certified, with major facilities certified for organic, kosher and halal production.

DairiConcepts does business in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

For more information contact DairiConcepts at 877-596-4374, dcinfo@dairiconcepts.com or www.dairiconcepts.com.

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