Aurelio’s Pizza launches two new limited edition pizzas

Homewood, IL, July 26, 2013 – The new Spicy Italian Pizza and Spinach Genoa Pizza, which hit Aurelio’s chain wide August 1, are the newest pizza creations in its specialty series. Following the popular debuts of the Mac N’ Cheese and Cheeseburger Pizzas, these two new specialty pizzas are numbers three and four in a series of six, appearing two at a time and available for two-month periods.

The Spinach Genoa Pizza, created by 7-year Aurelio’s veteran and Joliet franchise location owner Luke Pascale, combines mozzarella cheese, Genoa salami, spinach and fresh garlic on our Aurelio’s crispy thin crust brushed with olive oil. Pascale’s inspiration came through the request of a dear friend Theresa Lang. She had mentioned to Pascale that she was eating healthier and wanted a lighter pizza. He created the Spinach Genoa for her and it quickly became the ‘T-Lang’. Pascale offered this option on his weekly buffet and customers became raving fans.

“People love it because it’s delicious and light,” said Luke Pascale, franchise location owner, Aurelio’s Joliet and creator of Aurelio’s Spinach Genoa Pizza. “When Aurelio’s announced the specialty pizza competition, I knew exactly which creation to enter and I predicted it would win. Not only did it win, it was the top vote getter.”
The Spicy Italian Pizza, created by 6-year Aurelio’s veteran Marty Mikulich who worked in the Downtown location before transferring this year to Aurelio’s Corporate, mixes mozzarella cheese, sausage, meatball, onion and pepperoni on Aurelio’s crispy thin crust brushed with olive oil, crushed red pepper and oregano. Mikulich’s creation was sparked by his love and passion for putting different flavors together whether on a pizza, or in a crock pot, grill or casserole.

“People will really be surprised by this pizza. It’s deliciously light, so you don’t expect the hot little kick,” said Marty Mikulich, quality control, Aurelio’s corporate and creator of the Spicy Italian Pizza. We created this pizza at our Downtown store about four years ago and it was one of our best-sellers. We knew it would be a tough pizza to beat when we entered it into the chain wide competition to pick the six best pizza creations to debut to all of our customers.”

“Mac N’ Cheese Pizza and Cheeseburger Pizza were definite hits! Our customers raved about them. Now, we have two more to knock their socks off and showcase our passion for pizza – in all of its many delicious and imaginative forms,” said Kirk Mauriello, director of franchising, Aurelio’s Pizza. “Our customers have really enjoyed trying the first few of the ingenious creations of our employees and franchisees and we know they’ll love these.”

Aurelio’s is debuting their creations until end of November with medium-sized, limited time only specialty pizzas. Bringing new and intriguing pies to its customers, the Mac & Cheese Pizza and the Cheeseburger Pizza were the first and second in the series of six to be introduced and the Spicy Italian and Spinach Genoa Pizzas are the third and fourth in the series.

About Aurelio’s

With a history as rich and entrenched in the community as the pizza it’s famous for, the very first Aurelio’s restaurant opened on Ridge Road in Homewood, IL as the pride and joy of Joseph A. Aurelio, Jr. who decided to give it a go as a restaurateur at the age of 26. With its legendary “old oven” dating back to 1959 in its Homewood location, Aurelio’s was a pioneer in the concept of the Family Pizzeria in the United States and helped to launch pizza into the American lexicon. Since that time, Aurelio’s has become one of Chicagoland’s claims to fame. And, transplanted Chicagoans all over the map have helped to bring their favorite pizzeria franchise to 41 cities across six states, growing a strong fan base for the taste of Aurelio’s.