August 2014

August 14 cover Independent Pizzeria of the Year
weighing ingredients, scale, dough
No weigh? No way!
If you aren’t weighing ingredients, you are throwing money away   Anything worth doing is worth doing correctly, right? ... more »
tripadvisor, sticker, window, display, signage
Respecting the Craft: Everyone’s a Critic
Being critiqued is difficult for any restaurant owner. And it’s not just newspaper and magazine critics anymore. These days ... more »
Independent vs Franchisee
Is an independent or franchise operation right for you?   You’re an entrepreneur, one who starts a business and ... more »
Jeremy White
Commentary: We’ve been hi-jacked!
On a normal day the editors of Pizza Today roll into the office, swill down the caffeine and attack ... more »
primavera, pasta, vegetables
Primo Pasta
Get those garden-fresh veggies into a versatile primavera sauce   It’s summer, and that means a bounty of fresh ... more »
Ann Kim Pizzeria Lola
The 2014 Independent Pizzeria of the Year: Pizzeria Lola, Minneapolis, MN
How Minnesota’s Ann Kim conquered the world of pizza   The oven perches on its supports smack in the ... more »
Places that Rock: Katie’s / East Side Pies / 4th St. / Rocco’s
Katie’s Pizza & Pasta 9568 Manchester Rd. Rock Hill, Missouri 63119 (314) 942-6555 Katie’s showcases its uniqueness in ... more »
Tom Lehmann
Yeast performance
Which yeast provides the best crust flavor?   Q: Between instant dry yeast (IDY), active dry yeast (ADY) and ... more »
Dish it out!
Gelato sales heat up summer profits   If you’ve been to a recent International Pizza Expo, your eye has ... more »
boombozz interior
Turn down the decibels
Breaking down noise and how to reduce it in your pizzeria   Recent restaurant design trends have leaned towards ... more »
Brendan Kuhlkin
A Conversation with Brendan Kuhlkin, Millstone, Rock Hill SC
Brendan lets us in on Millstone’s beer offerings and menu pairings Millstone Pizza + Taphouse   Rock Hill, South ... more »
caramel apple pizza
Trending Recipe: Caramel Apple Pizza How To
Caramel Apple Pizza 1 fresh or par-baked pizza crust (12-inch) 8 ounces softened cream cheese whipped with 1 egg ... more »
chipotle onion jam pizza
The Crying Game
Onions provide myriad of flavors, options The most underrated and underused topping in every pizzeria is the onion. I ... more »
Pizzeria Lola Photo Booth Josh Jeremy
Interact — August 2014
Indy of the year Instagram takeover Stop by @pizzatoday on Instagram to see some exclusive pics of Jeremy and ... more »
counter service employee with customer
Man on the Street: Cult of Personality
How well do your customers know you personally?   Last week, I witnessed an interesting conversation between two roommates ... more »
Workplace Bullying
It exists — so what are you doing to make your workplace safe?   With all the attention bullying is ... more »
school of pizzeria management 2013
Expo Spotlight: It’s all about education!
One thing that really separates International Pizza Expo from all of the other general foodservice shows is our education ... more »