January 2012

January 2012
2012 January: Security Breach
Protect customers’ information from security breaches
Stolen credit cards. Data security breaches. Identity theft and fraud. When customers come to your restaurant or place a ... more »
2012 January: Dough Doctor
The Dough Doctor takes a look at modern mixers
Q: Our mixer finally crashed and we got a 40-quart vertical cutter mixer (VCM) to replace it. How does ... more »
2012 January: Did You Know?/Places That Rock
The first Pizza Hut opened in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas. The average pizzeria reports roughly $557,000 in annual sales. ... more »
2012 January: Trending Now
Trending Now
Menu Trends for 2012   This year will be all about healthy eating, so be prepared to think about ... more »
2012 January: My Turn
My Turn: Wayne Rempel, JP’s
Wayne Rempel JP’s Lacombe, Alberta One of the things I am proud of with my business is how I ... more »
2012 January: Marketing Matters
Marketing Matters: Employees Learn to Earn
Employees, like all humans, thrive on commendation and compensation for all that they do. What if our staff deserves ... more »
2012 January: Man on the Street
Man on the Street: “When in Rome”
There’s no such thing as Italian pizza. Allow me to clarify: there is no single Italian style of pizza. ... more »
2012 January: Ask Big Dave
Ask Big Dave: Show me the money
Q: Banks aren’t lending. Where do I go for growth money? Louis Phelps Kansas City, Missouri A: In the ... more »
2012 January: Expo News
2012 January: Expo News
This year we’re expanding our education program to include more than 80 business-boosting seminars and demonstrations. We’ve also added ... more »
Cane Rosso, Dallas, TX
IL Pizzaiolo: Cane Rosso, Dallas, TX
Dallas-based Cane Rosso on track for serious success We first met Jay Jerrier in 2008 at Campania Pizza, where ... more »
2012 January: Slice Of Hope
2012 January: Slice Of Hope
We weren’t exactly sure what to expect. Since October is both National Pizza Month and National Breast Cancer Awareness ... more »
2012 January: Profit & Loss
Critical Issues — Financial: Examining your Profit and Loss
P&L Report gives insight into health of business   At Proto’s Pizzeria Napoletana, the Profit and Loss report is ... more »
2012 January: Debt Management
Critical Issues — Financial: Debt Management
Is there such a thing as good debt?   Owning a restaurant means incurring debt — it goes with ... more »
2012 January: Capital Gains
Critical Issues — Financial: Capital Gains
Though banks continue guarding their money, accessing capital remains a challenge — though viable — endeavor for prepared operators ... more »
2012 January: Dollars & Sense
Critical Issues — Financial: Dollars & Sense
Why it’s important to understand your EBITDA   When you run a restaurant, it’s easy to concentrate on the ... more »
2012 January: Curb Appeal
Curb Appeal
Pick-up windows add appeal for on-the-go customers   What’s better on a cold night than a hot pizza that ... more »
2012 January: Remodeling By The Numbers
The Price of a Remodel
Investing in updated look can breathe new life into restaurant At a time when budgets are tight, investing in ... more »