January 2017



Mascarpone Madness

Versatile mascarpone cheese is worth a look. Elevate your menu with a simple, flavor-packed puttanesca sauce. Get tips on tech trends, like online ordering and third-party delivery apps. Pizza Today goes on the Road to Persona Wood Fired Pizzeria in northern California.


January 4, 2017 |

Pizza Today on the Road: Persona Wood Fired Pizzeria, Calif.

Keeping it personal Persona Pizzeria proves Neapolitan-style pizza can be fast, affordable I first met Glenn Cybulski in a Mexican cantina at the Las Vegas airport. We’d both attended International Pizza Expo. I had a delayed flight; Cybulski and his then-partner were catching a drink before heading back to California, where the pair operated a…Read More


January 4, 2017 |

The Online Game

If you still are resisting online ordering, you’re making a big mistake “My phone’s ringing and my wait staff does just fine taking orders, so why add online ordering?” It’s a question I’ve heard numerous times. The Big Three pizza chains process nearly 15 percent of all of the pizza industry revenue via their digital…Read More


January 4, 2017 |

Protect & Serve

Don’t overlook data protection responsibility Hundreds of credit cards and debit cards are swiped daily in your restaurant. Add online orders and gift card purchases to that total, and the chance for identity theft, fraud and security breaches are exponential. Freaked out yet? Ready to toss the credit card payment processor, shut down the Wi-Fi,…Read More

Co-owners John (left) and George Rayyan

January 1, 2017 |

Conversation with John Rayyan, Papa Ray’s, Chicago

Papa Ray’s Pizza & Wings  Chicago, Illinois Papa Ray’s Pizza & Wings was founded by the Rayyan brothers in 2009. They used the name “Ray” in honor of their father. With four counter-service locations in Chicago, Papa Rays is known for its thin, hand-tossed pizza and its Monster slices. Papa Ray’s Pizza & Wings was…Read More

Keith Coffman, owner
Lost River Pizza Company in Bowling Green, KY

January 1, 2017 |

On Tap: Tapping What’s in Style

As mentioned last month, popular ales include pale ales, india pale ales, brown ales, porters, stouts, Hefeweizens, Kolschs, Goses, sours and barley wines. IPAs and pale ales are two of the most popular craft beer styles in the United States. IPAs and pale ales are hoppy and bitter with higher ABVs (alcohol by volume) and…Read More


January 1, 2017 |

Expo Spotlight: Pizza Expo and Pizza & Pasta Northeast

MAKE PLANS NOW TO ATTEND! International Pizza Expo 2017 March 27–30, 2017 Las Vegas Convention Center Designed for pizzeria owners and operators, there’s something for everyone at Pizza Expo, whether you’re an industry veteran or just thinking about opening your first pizzeria.  Pizza Expo continues to be the premier event for learning and networking, as…Read More

roman pizza slice

January 1, 2017 |

Mascarpone Madness

Versatile cheese worth a look when pushing your menu If there is one cheese that I adore, it’s mascarpone. Not because of its high butterfat or its traditional use as a sweet dessert cheese, but because it is a brilliant mixing cheese for any pizzeria and can be infused with many different flavor profiles like…Read More

Tony Gemignani World-champion Pizzaiolo and Pizzeria Owner

January 1, 2017 |

Respecting the Craft: Multi-Faceted Approached

In my various pizzerias I actually use three to four different sausages instead of sticking with just one. Many pizzerias just have one type, which is fine. But, for me, sausage is such an important ingredient and one of the most popular in our industry. There are so many flavor combinations, so why settle for…Read More

Scott Wiener 
Founder, Scott's Pizza Tours and SliceOutHunger.org

January 1, 2017 |

Man on the Street: The Thrill of Discovery

I honestly wasn’t planning on eating any pizza during my lightning-fast mini vacation in North Carolina. The trip was all about seeing family so I did zero research beyond the obligatory tweet asking for recommendations in the area. The lack of response I received was actually a relief because I was way more interested in…Read More

Mike Bausch
Owner, Andolini's Pizzeria, Tulsa, OK

January 1, 2017 |

Mike’s Monthly Tip: Put iCal or Outlook to Work

Bring your calendar to its max potential. Not just dental appointments; I’m talking recurring calendar events and expirations that will keep your 2017 on point. • License expirations and an alert one month before expiration. Even if you have a system in place, add this one in for redundancy. • Quarterly evaluations of staff planned…Read More

pasta puttanesca

January 1, 2017 |

Put on the Puttanesca

Classic sauce gets its due Puttanesca sauce is a robust concoction comprised of (but not limited to) tomatoes, capers, onions, olives, garlic, anchovies, herbs and olive oil. It lends itself to many Mediterranean dishes and has been said to originate in Naples, Italy. While rustic and unrefined in its ingredients and presentation, puttanesca is rich…Read More

Jeremy index

January 1, 2017 |

Commentary: Who’s Delivering Your Next Pizza?

Creative Director Rick Daugherty and I were in the beautiful city of New Orleans for a couple of days visiting pizzerias. After a quick stop for a requisite Po’ Boy, we summoned an Uber to get us from one pizza shop interview to the next. The driver conversed with us about a number of things…Read More

Tom Lehmann
Pizza Today Resident Dough Expert

January 1, 2017 |

Dough Doctor: Back to Basics

Create pan and thin-crust pizza with easy measurements Q: Can you help us develop a dough for a pan-style pizza as well as a thin-crust pizza based on 12.5 kilograms of flour? Additionally, can you show us how to make a pre-mix out of the dough formula? A: While you don’t provide any specific information…Read More


January 1, 2017 |

Destinations: Orange County, CA

A look at pizzerias in Orange County, California Rance’s Chicago Pizza The Midwestern-style pizzeria has gained notoriety in the Southern California pizza scene. It serves up three Windy City pizza styles — stuffed, pan and tavern. Dough, sauce and salad dressings are made in house. Specialty pies include the Chicken & Garlic with mushrooms and…Read More


January 1, 2017 |

Three’s a Crowd … or is it?

Third-party delivery hits main street America Amazon and Uber have become big players in food delivery. In fact, the market is being flooded with third-party delivery startups. Do your due diligence to be sure a company delivering your product is representing your brand accurately. Last fall, Technomic, Inc. released a study, “On Demand Delivery: Disrupting…Read More