March 2011

2011 March: Hiring a Manager
Hiring a Manager
In 1993, Tony DiSilvestro and his wife, Cynthia, opened Ynot Pizza and Italian Cuisine in Virginia Beach. “We were ... more »
2011 March: Weights and Measures
Weights and Measures
Weighing ingredients is crucial — are you doing it?   Very early in my career I was referred to ... more »
2011 March: Tour the Island
Long Island, NY – Tour the Island
DENINO’S We rolled up to Denino’s Pizza Tavern –– an unassuming pizzeria in a working-class neighborhood on Staten Island ... more »
2011 March: The Tax Man Cometh
The Tax Man Cometh
12 ways to maximize the tax season   It’s that time of year again. You know the drill. You ... more »
2011 March: Swipe and Pay
Swipe and Pay
5 things you need to know about taking credit cards   Pull out your wallet or pocketbook. What’s in ... more »
2011 March: Stand and Deliver
Stand and Deliver
Shoes can make a difference for employee comfort, accident prevention   Once a year, Los Angeles-based Rosti Tuscan Kitchen ... more »
2011 March: Spicy Alternative
2011 March: Spicy Alternative
What exactly is soppressata? In a nutshell, it’s a form of dry- cured salami. A specialty of southern Italy, ... more »
2011 March: Private Practice
2011 March: Privacy – Private Practice
In a business setting, the importance of maintaining privacy extends beyond the scope of one’s personal privacy to that ... more »
2011 March: Passing the Torch
2011 March: Succession Plan – Passing the Torch
What do you want to be doing 10 years from now? If you’re the owner of a family-owned pizzeria, ... more »
2011 March: My Turn 
2011 March: My Turn 
In 1970, Pogo, a famous and beloved cartoon character, uttered the phrase, “We have met the enemy, and he ... more »
2011 March: My Bad
2011 March: My Bad
We all make mistakes (ever forgot a birthday or anniversary?). Usually we can make amends in some fashion (roses? ... more »
2011 March: Mascot Marketing
2011 March: Mascot Marketing
A mascot can help you boost sales, but you have to create the right mascot and use it effectively. ... more »
2011 March: Marketing Matters
Marketing Matters: Branding, not just a pretty word
What does the word “brand” mean to you? Unless you are the marketing director of a large organization, it ... more »
2011 March: Keep it Neat
2011 March: Keep it Neat
A neat, clean and organized kitchen is always a happy kitchen. Life in our pizzerias can be hectic. When ... more »
2011 March: Fruits of the Sea
2011 March: Seafood Pasta – Fruits of the Sea
Frank McCarron, general manager/ chef at Portino’s Fresh Italian in Valley Center, California, wanted to freshen up his menu. ... more »
2011 March: Five Questions
2011 March: Five Questions – Bobby Athanasakis, Manny & Olga’s Pizza
Bobby Athanasakis is president of Manny & Olga’s Pizza, which is based in the Wash­ington, DC area. The company ... more »
2011 March: Expo News
In challenging economic times, it’s not just about knowing how to produce a quality pizza and understanding your customers’ ... more »
2011 March: Dough Doctor
2011 March: Dough Doctor
From time to time, I get questions from operators wanting to know what the secret is to making a ... more »
2011 March: Commentary
2011 March: Commentary
Pizza is a giving industry. The people behind the pizza business care, and we show it every day in ... more »
2011 March: Catering to Kids
2011 March: Catering to Kids
When Ray Perkins, owner of Chubby Ray’s Louisville Pizza Company in Louis­ville, Kentucky, was approached by a group of ... more »
Business Solutions: Sweat the small stuff
If you’re about to open the doors of a new pizzeria, you’ve no doubt given lots of thought to ... more »
2011 March: Ask Big Dave
2011 March: Ask Big Dave
You’ve got questions … our expert has the answers. Submit your questions via e-mail to Jeremy White ( — ... more »
2011 March: All Choked Up
Artichokes: All Choked Up
Sure, pepperoni, onions and mushrooms will always be beloved pizza toppings. But as patrons’ palates evolve, so does their ... more »