March 2013

March 2013 Cover
Photo by Josh Keown
Loyalty Programs: In the Club
The Greek poet Euripides said: “One loyal friend is worth 10,000 relatives.” Think about the truthfulness of that statement. ... more »
2013 March: Ask Big Dave
Ask Big Dave: Getting up to Speed on Accounting
Q: My brother and I own a pizzeria and deli. We have been open almost two years and business ... more »
Photo by Josh Keown
Wine & Dine
Two decades ago, America was largely intimidated by wine. Snobs drank it. Even worse, they swished it around, spit ... more »
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Growing the Online Component
Angelo Halakos, owner of Seasons Pizza, was skeptical about online ordering at first. He wasn’t sure it would actually ... more »
knife cutting onion
Sharp As A Knife
Time to sharpen your knife skills? And by skills, we’re talking about back-of-house efficiencies and safety protocols around the ... more »
2013 March: Dough Doctor
Dough Doctor: Staging ingredients impacts dough
Q: I’ve seen any number of different ways in which the dough ingredients are staged/ added into the mixing ... more »
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Pan-style Pizza — Full Metal Pizza Jacket
“There may be a hundred different stances and sword positions, but you win with just one,” said undefeated Samurai ... more »
Photo by Josh Keown
Give Your Interior A Spruce
When Sara Griffith, husband Joe and partners Shawn and Barb Griffith bought a Sam & Louie’s franchise location in ... more »
Photos by Rick Daugherty & Josh Keown
Waiting for a Profit
On weekdays, the lunch crowd from the local police academy and nearby industrial park pack out Lido’s in Meriden, ... more »
2013 March: Man On The Street
Bring your pizzeria web site up to speed
This is an intervention. The Internet has become well-worn territory, yet many of you are still treating your Web ... more »
2013 March: Did You Know
Did You Know / Places that Rock
Places that Rock Rocket Pizza Lounge 122 W. 4th St. Los Angeles, California 90013 (213) 687-4992 This eclectic ... more »
2013 March: Social Media
2013 March: Social Media
Pizza Tweets The NY Slice Truck @TheNYslice Tonight’s Delivery Specials 5p-9p Call 721-8434 Garlic Knots & Wings $7.99 Or ... more »
2013 March: Respecting The Craft
Respecting The Craft: Dough Recipes
Q: I’m looking for a standard American-style pizza dough as well as a standard Italian-style. Can you help with ... more »
2013 March: My Turn
My Turn: Michael Bausch — Andolini’s Pizzeria, Tulsa, Oklahoma
What movie would you rather see: one on the life and times of Babe Ruth or one about Barry ... more »
Rigatoni al Filo di Fumo
Perfect Pasta Prep
Many of you have contemplated adding pasta to your menu but may still be reluctant. Well it’s time to ... more »
2013 March: Going Pro
Going Pro
Is a professional chef needed in a pizzeria’s kitchen? The performance kitchen at Cane Rosso takes center stage. Built ... more »
2013 March: Inbox
2013 March: Inbox
REMEMBERING PAT BRUNO Page 3 [in the January issue] is a great tribute to Mr. Bruno. I never met ... more »
Photo by Josh Keown
Il Pizzaiolo / Home Slice Pizza, Austin, TX
The story has been repeated time and again in cities all across America: an aspiring man or woman moves ... more »
Photo by Josh Keown
A Well Oiled Machine: Opening Procedures
The hours before opening — while sometimes hectic — are the few times in a busy pizzeria’s day when ... more »
Photo by Rick Daugherty
Craft Beer: The Must List
When Dan Richer opened his second pizzeria venture, Razza Pizza Artigianale, earlier this year, he had a clear vision ... more »
2013 March: Beer & Bull In Print
Beer & Bull In Print
One of the highlights of every International Pizza Expo is the open discussion filled with helpful insights, off-the-wall talk ... more »
Photo by Josh Keown
Dress Code: Spell It Out
There is something noticeable about the staff’s look at Cocco’s Pizza in Primos, Pennsylvania, — expression of individuality and ... more »
Photo by Josh Keown
Clean Sweep
Customers are restaurants’ biggest allies and their harshest critics. They are not shy about expressing their joy, concern or ... more »
Bill Oakley, Executive Vice President
2013 March: Expo News
In today’s business climate, it’s not just about knowing how to produce a quality pizza or understanding your customers’ ... more »
2013 March: Conversation
Conversation with Juli Ghazi, Pure Pizza, Charlotte, NC
Pure Pizza Charlotte, North Carolina Pure Pizza, a farm-to-table pizzeria opened in Charlotte’s 7th Street Market in May 2012. ... more »
2013 March: Commentary
Commentary: A Customer Service Failure
The pizza arrived blackened. And by that I do not mean merely overcooked or even slightly burned on the ... more »
Photo by Rick Daugherty
Moneymaking Menu Must
According to the National Restaurant Association, the most profitable menu items are soft drinks, followed closely by alcoholic drinks ... more »
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Menu Engineering
So much of what happens in a restaurant is creative. All cooks like to think of themselves as artistes. ... more »
Photo by Josh Keown
Employee Termination: Hit The Door
Last year, the week before Christmas, Carmelo Lamotta needed to fire a server. He did not want to wait ... more »
2013 March: Legal Mobility
Mobile Marketing: Legal Mobility
Eager to cultivate deeper relationships with customers, the Thiels added mobile marketing to their advertising arsenal in 2010. Today, ... more »