March 28, 2013 |

2013 March: International Pizza Challenge

By Pizza Today

Traditional Division

Northeast: Bruno DiFabio

Northwest: Thiago Vasconcelos

Southeast: Jane Mines

Southwest: Michael Stevens

Mid-America: Javier Valdez

International: Danilo Lupo

Wild Card: Leah Scutto

Canada: Rick Nixon


Category Winner: Thiago Vasconcelos


Non-Traditional Division

Northeast: Doug Ferriman

Northwest: Tim Hoffman

Southwest: Joleen Piser

Southeast: Michael LaMarca

Mid-America: Melissa Rickman

International: Floriana Pastore

Wild Card: Lars Smith

Canada: Rocco Agostino

Category Winner: Floriana Pastore
American Pan Winner: Jeff Smokevitch

Italian-Style Winner: Michele D’Amelio

Best of the Best Champion: Theo Kalogeracos

Pizza Maker of the Year award

Finalists in this blind box challenge included American Pan Winner Jeff Smokevitch, Italian-Style Winner Michele D’Amelio, Traditional Division Winner Thiago Vasconcelos and Non-Traditional Division Winner Floriana Pastore. Pastore won the coveted title.

Pepperoni roses from Jane Mines


Thiago Vasconcelos’ winning Traditional division pizza.




Tim Hoffman’s cannoli dessert pizza.


Rocco Agostino with Team Canada watching.


Doug Ferriman’s Northeast winning pizza.



Non-Traditional Winner Floriana Pastore


Category Winner: Thiago Vasconcelos


American Pan Winner: Jeff Smokevitch


Italian-Style Winner: Michele D’Amelio


Best of the Best Champion: Theo Kalogeracos

Pizza Maker of the Year Blind Box Challenge



Secret Ingredient Kalamata Olives


Scott Wiener judging Thiago Vasconcelos’ Blind Box pizza.


Floriana Pastore’s winning Blind Box pizza.


Pizza Maker of the Year Floriana Pastore


Dustin Bennight of New York Vinnys in Washington took home the 20,000 MegaBucks giveaway.

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