Pizza Expo turns 30!

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… and here are the top 10 things you can’t miss this year International Pizza Expo will celebrate its 30th birthday this year, and it has come a long way since its inception. The show has celebrated events in Las Vegas, Orlando, Chicago, New York City and Atlantic City before finding a permanent home eachMore »

It’s time for Pizza Expo — Eight ways to make the most of it

Bill Oakley

In today’s business climate, it’s not just about knowing how to produce a quality pizza and understanding your customers’ needs and wants if you want to maintain and grow your pizzeria. Attending an industry trade show can be the best vehicle to obtain new knowledge, insight and ideas that can help you position your pizzeriaMore »

Beer & Bull In Print

2013 March: Beer & Bull In Print

One of the highlights of every International Pizza Expo is the open discussion filled with helpful insights, off-the-wall talk and plenty of beer. We call it Beer & Bull. Others call it an educational party. Here, we kick things off prior to the 2014 Expo with a print edition of Beer & Bull. Beer &More »

Don’t make it easy for your employees to steal


By Jim Laube Cashiers and bartenders using a house-provided cash drawer should never be allowed to take a register reading. When an employee can figure out what he or she “owes the house,” it’s just that much easier for them to skim off the excess cash (from unrecorded sales) and walk out with money youMore »

4 Weeks: Pizza Styles Taught by the Pros


Demonstrations of pan pizza (Jeff Smokevitch, Brown Dog Pizza), the classic Neapolitan (Tony Gemignani, Tony’s Pizza Napoletana), whole-wheat and gluten-free pies (Mike Rutledge, Farrelli’s Wood Fire Pizza), Sicilian style (Laura Meyer, Tony’s Pizza Napoletana), seafood pizzas and chicken pizzas (Theo Kalogeracos, Little Caesars Pizzerias, Australia) and meat-topping specials (Jeff Varasano, Varasano’s). Plus pizza-making workshops byMore »

Five principles for effectively responding to negative social media reviews

Study finds 16 percent of Yelp restaurant reviews are fake

By Micah Solomon Keynote speakers at business events tend to run into the same questions over and over again from nervous audiences facing new online and offline realities. For me, a question that comes up at almost every event I speak to goes something like this: “Micah, isn’t it dangerous out there for my brand,More »

5 Weeks: Operator-Presented Seminars and Demonstrations

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Appearances by 29 pizzeria owners and managers. Knowledge-sharing by some of the best in the industry in their areas of expertise. Operators speaking on a variety of topics in seminars and on panels, as well as giving cooking demonstrations. Plus, All-Operator Thursday peer-to-peer presentations in the seminar rooms.

Are you ready for a second location?


By Jeff Mease As entrepreneurs, that next business that we create has the very real capacity to destroy everything we’ve worked for up to this point. At the very least, it can make our lives unpleasant for a while. But it’s also the gateway to our dreams, a further expression of who we are inMore »

6 Weeks: World Pizza Games


Competitions mounted and winners named in six events: freestyle acrobatics, master’s division freestyle acrobatics, largest dough stretch, fastest dough, fastest box-folding and pizza triathlon. Finals of acrobatic dough-spinning contests held at 30th Birthday Bash. Other events in WPG Contest Area. Records will be broken. Crowds will applaud.