A new face

Bakers Pride

A new facePut a new face on your new Bakers Pride SuperDeck or IL Forno Classico deck ovens. Ideal for display cooking and exhibition kitchens, our DSP and IL Forno ovens are designed to be built-in behind brick, stone or tile applied directly to the oven’s exterior or finished and trimmed in brass or copper for an elegant high-tech presentation. Every Bakers Pride oven is constructed with solid, all welded, angle iron and plate steel. The all aluminized steel oven interiors resist the stresses of high heat for endurance and long life. The arched open hearth with visible flame on the IL Forno Classico adds additional heat and gives it that ‘Traditional Old World Style’ look. Available in a variety of sizes to meet the space requirements of your kitchen. Bakers Pride SuperDeck and IL Forno deck ovens can be stacked for increased capacity and doubled production in limited spaces.