Beef Toppings by Burke

Burke Corp

Beef Toppings by BurkeBurke fully cooked beef toppings offer a variety of ways to build craveability into your menu. Whether a traditional pizza topping or part of a signature dish, the rich flavor of beef offers the savory alternative your customers are looking for. And nothing is more consistently convenient for your soups, sauces and casseroles than fully cooked beef toppings. Burke beef conquers the crave.PRODUCT FEATURES• Simple solution for adding beef to a variety of existing and new menu items• Made with the highest quality ingredients to help distinguish your menu from the competition• Traditional beef flavor combined with light seasonings for maximum flexibility• Broad selection of sizes: from a small crumble for maximum coverage to a large chunk for a generous and meaty appearance; strips and pieces also available• Trendy beef specialty toppings suitable for a variety of upscale menu alternatives to help increase traffic and average ticket price