Bonici® Doughs and Crusts

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Bonici® Doughs and CrustsThe Bonici® pizza brand from Tyson Food Service offers value-added crusts and doughs from nearly scratch to heat-and-serve, in various sizes and styles—all with consistent goodness and homemade taste.Dough Balls offer application flexibility, while Sheeted Doughs are prerounded and easy to customize. Sheeted Proofed Doughs provide freezer-to-oven convenience, and are completely versatile. Readi Rise® Crusts are oven-rising pizza crusts with preformed edges and an authentic pizzeria look, with a soft, bread-like edge and a New York-style chewy, foldable center. Bonici® Par-Baked Crusts are partially baked crusts that consistently yield delicious thin-crust pizzas. Three crust edge options are available—Die-Cut, an edgeless crust; Neapolitan, a versatile small-edged crust; and Pizzeria, a hearty large-edged crust. For easy prep and consistent results, operators can look to Bonici® crusts and doughs to construct pizzas with a perfect foundation.