Bonici® Meatballs

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Bonici® MeatballsOperators can be sure they’ll find the perfect meatball for their menus with Bonici® Meatballs. Oven baked for superior flavor and texture, Bonici® Meatballs are available in three tiers—premium, select and the more cost-efficient value meatballs. Bonici® meatballs can suit any application. Premium M=meatball varieties include, All-Beef Primo Italian Meatballs, All-beef premium meatballs, in 0.5-oz. and 1-oz. sizes, blended with Italian spices and seasonings and Romano cheese; Beef, Pork Italian Style Meatballs, Italian cheese flavor with a premium appearance in 1-oz. and 2-oz. sizes; and Old-World Specialties® Meatballs, 1-oz. Italian-style meatballs with extra Romano cheese for added zest.Select meatball varieties include Pork & Beef Italian Style Meatballs, available in 0.5-oz., 1-oz., and 2-oz., sizes with a versatile flavor profile for use in multiple applications; Pork & Beef Swedish Style Meatballs, unique blend of beef, pork and soy, with just the right amount of mild spices for a sweeter taste and available in 0.25-oz. and 0.5-oz. sizes; and Pork, Beef Italian Meatballs, available in 0.5-oz., 1-oz., and 2-oz., sizes with a delicious, Italian-cheese flavor.Value meatball varieties include Beef & Chicken Meatballs, lightly extended beef and chicken meatballs with a firm bite, seasoned with authentic herbs and spices and available in 0.5-oz., 0.75-oz. and 1.0-oz. sizes; Beef, Chicken Meatballs, lightly extended, 0.5-oz. beef and chicken meatballs seasoned with authentic herbs and spices; and Chicken, Beef Italian Style Dinner Balls, economical value product that holds well during heat-and-hold situations, available in 0.5-oz and 1.0-oz. sizes.