CS1500 Panini Grill


PaniniGrillDOUGHPRO PANINI GRILL WITH ELECTRONIC TIMER•Increase your menu with the Doughpro Panini grill. You can prepare sandwiches, steaks, vegetables, chicken, burritos and many other menu items. •Heavy duty Aluminum Platens that have our exclusive cast in heating elements that come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!!•Electronic timer.•A patented hinging system that allows you to grill evenly even with products that are 3-4” thick.•Top and bottom grill cooks your menu items in just minutes.•A grease trough that is located in the back right corner that feeds to a large grease drawer making it easy to clean your grill•No conduits are used as the wiring is run through the handle thus eliminating those unsightly conduits that can build up dirt and grease.