CW – Mechanical Scales

Yamato Corp.

CW - Mechanical ScalesThe Accu-Weigh® CW(N) series, has all the great features of our standard mechanical scales includingan air dashpot. It’s really three scales in one: general weighing, portion control and batching. Many foodproducts are simply too costly to be served without close attention to the portion size. If the portion is toosmall, you will eventually lose your customers; if the portion is too large, you will lose profits.Most portion control scales are similar in construction and performance however the CW(N) series scalesare unique in concept and design. They are fast and easy to use. A rotating chart allows you to selectthe weight of each portion, and provides three different, color coded, tolerance guide zones. This allowsfor weighing of commodities within zones of 1/8, 1/4 or 1/2 ounce; all at any given weight and withoutreading graduations.NSF CertifiedCW (N) 1K/SS 1000 g x 5 gCW (N) 2/SS 2 lb x 1/8 ozCW (N) 5/SS 5 lb x 1/2 oz