Meatballs by Burke

Burke Corp

Meatballs may seem small, but they have big possibilities for your menu. Add fully cooked meatballs and add at least one dish to nearly every course on your menu. From soup to appetizers, sandwiches to dinner entrees, more menu items mean more customers and more money in your pocket. So bring your menu full circle with the convenience of Burke oven-baked meatballs. And watch a crowd gather ‘round your tables.PRODUCT FEATURES• Made from ingredients you would use: premium quality beef and pork, whole eggs, Romano cheese, ricotta cheese, authentic spices and bread crumbs• Oven-baked—locking in fresh meatball flavor• Eye appealing, hand-rolled appearance without the time consuming process of hand-rolling• Unique size options—flat or bias-sliced—for adding trendy and upscale signature items to the menu