mobiNotify Text Marketing

mobiNotify Text Marketing

mobiNotify Text MarketingHave you ever wanted to get your message out in a low cost, HIGH ROI kinda way? Maybe get a special offer out RIGHT before lunch or dinner to get a big rush? SEND A TEXT MESSAGE! We can help! We help you create a database, set your messages for you, and
are right beside you while you grow in Mobile Marketing! We are mobiNotify, a Mobile Marketing Firm designed to help small to medium restaurants get top notch marketing advice on how to integrate the new mediums in with traditional media. With mobiNotify,
we provide you with a MINIMUM of one hour marketing consultation MONTHLY! We are your personal marketing firm! We can also help with, Social Media Marketing and posting, EMAIL marketing and can print all sorts of promotional materials for your business…ONE
CALL, ONE CONTACT, GREAT ROI! Text PIZZA1 to 69302 for a DEMO! Thank you for your time!