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Please Hold & Voice Choice

PleaseHoldLogoCustomer Service Rule #1: Every call is answered by a cheerful employee! Rule #2: If you must place a caller on hold, use Please Hold Systems! As a diligent business owner, you make sure every call is answered by a welcoming employee. But what happens if that employee must put a caller on hold? Does your customer listen elevator music? A local radio station, so they can hear your competitors ads? Or do they hear nothing at all? Please Hold Systems gives you the best of both worlds! Your employee personally greets each customer, then if the customer must be placed on hold, Please Hold Systems continues to sell your menu items! We use that on hold time to tell your customers all about your delicious pizzas, side dishes, appetizers, beverages and more! Our goal is to increase your average ticket. Call us today … so we can start making you more money right away!