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Special Pizza Franchise Recession Buster Offer


Franchise Direct 866-325-9830 Tired of hearing about the recession? Then do something about it with one of Franchise Direct’s new summer Recession Buster pizza franchise offers. IFA chairwoman Dina Dwyer-Evans told Franchise Direct in an exclusive interview that franchising is the “real economic stimulus plan” and Franchise Direct has a unique pizza franchiseMore »

SPC – Yamato Scales

SPC - Yamato Scales

Yamato Corp. 800-538-1762 A lightweight, durable, user-friendly solution to portion control. The SPC series is perfectly suited forrestaurants, delis and bakeries. A fast, flexible, efficient and reliable way to control your food costs.The SPC-2002 comes in a 4.4lb capacity.The SPC-5005 comes in a 11lb capacityMultiple Weighing Units lb, g, oz and lb/ozAdjustable AutoMore »

SP-1 Touch Screen POS


Selby Soft 800-454-4434 An incredibly easy to use touch screen POS system! Call SelbySoft to see how we can help you increase efficiency and productivity!

SP-1 For Pizza & Restaurants


SelbySoft 800-454-4434 SP-1 For Pizza is the most powerful POS for the pizza market. Written in C++ & .Net technology gives us a stable, proven system with all the features you need.

Sell More Pizza

Sell More Pizza

Magnets U.S.A. 800-869-7562 Magnets USA introduces the Magnetic Pizza Coupon Mailer. The magnet keeps it on your customers’ refrigerators for weeks. The coupon lets you create up to six custom offers to fit your marketing plan. The self-mailer format means you just drop it in the mail or hand it out. No envelopeMore »

Sausage & Beef Toppings By Burke

Sausage & Beef Toppings By Burke

Burke Corp. 800-654-1152 There’s only one way to top off your menu – and that’s your way! With Burke’s broad selection of sausage and pork toppings you’ll be able to find just the right combination of flavor, size and appearance to meet your menu needs. And Burke meats are fully cooked, saving timeMore »

Sales Up, Costs Down

Sales Up, Costs Down

SpeedLine Solutions Inc. 1-888-400-9185 If you’re serious about growth and profits, you want a proven point of sale partner. Get control of your costs with SpeedLine POS: Reduce labor and food costs with sales forecasting and inventory. Build repeat sales with automated database marketing tools and boost sales and ticket size with integratedMore »

Round-O-Matic Automatic Dough Rounder

AM Manufacturing 708-841-0959 SPENDING TOO MUCH DOUGH . . .on costly manual labor? If you spend too much time rounding dough balls by hand, AM Manufacturing has the equipment to automate your process. This nimble and compact machine can round dough from one to 32 ounces at a blazing 7200 pieces per hour.More »

Richlite® Peels and Servers

Richlite® Peels and Servers

Tomlinson Industries 216-587-3400 Richlite® heat-resistant surfaces are ideal for pizza peels and servers; cutting boards; and equipment applications such as prep tables, bread warmers, under heat lamps or carving boards. Richlite surfaces are made of resin-impregnated paper composite. The dense surface protects knives and helps resist dulling and they are stain resistant andMore »

Retractable Prep Station


PVI Prairie View Industries 800-554-7267 Now manufacturing at Prairie View Industries, our NEW retractable, wall mount prep station. This space-saving, innovative product can mount to any wall, even the outside wall of a walk-in cooler. Mounts 6″ off the floor, which makes for easy clean up when retracted. Available in 36″ and 48″More »