Old Meets New

QII Deck Cut Out2

QII Deck 630-462-4944 nate.howard@QIIDeck.com www.QIIDeck.com Harnessing the same energy used in wood and coal fired ovens, the QII Deck cooks with high energy infrared to deliver crisp, golden crusts. The QII Deck is the only conveyor oven that does not use either impingement or convection to force hot air over your product. The QII DeckMore »

UNIVEX SPRIZZA (Pizza Spinner)


Univex Corp. 603-893-6191 ismith@univexcorp.com www.univexcorp.com Bench model cold system for spinning pizza dough. This machine reproduces the manual dexterity of the pizza- maker as closely as possible by imitating his unequalled delicateness. The original protected micro-rolling system makes the pizza base without heating, simultaneously with the same kind of rim as would be obtained byMore »

PPC-200W – Yamato


Yamato Corp. 800-538-1762 info@yamatocorp.com www.yamatocorp.com  With over/under checkweighing, high accuracy, portability and washdown capability the PPC-200Wis perfectly suited for use in the pizza, seafood, meat processing, and food service industries. The PPC-200W comes in 4lb to 40lb capacities. It can does pounds and kilograms, ounces and kilograms or pound-ounce and kilogram (pound-ounce not legal forMore »

Introducing The EDGE30 Conveyor Oven


Edge Conveyor Pizza Ovens 724-625-3050 mfrench@edgeovens.com www.edgeovens.com MF&B Restaurant is proud to add the EDGE30 to its line of energy efficient conveyor ovens.The EDGE 30 Conveyor ovens are designed to be stacked up to three high. Each oven has a 18” wide conveyor belt and a 30” long baking chamber. These ovens can usually beMore »

SPC – Yamato Scales

SPC - Yamato Scales

Yamato Corp. 800-538-1762 info@yamatocorp.com www.yamatocorp.com A lightweight, durable, user-friendly solution to portion control. The SPC series is perfectly suited forrestaurants, delis and bakeries. A fast, flexible, efficient and reliable way to control your food costs.The SPC-2002 comes in a 4.4lb capacity.The SPC-5005 comes in a 11lb capacityMultiple Weighing Units lb, g, oz and lb/ozAdjustable AutoMore »

Combination Dough Divider / Rounder


AM Manufacturing 708-841-0959 ext. 143 lserafin@ammfg.com www.ammfg.com Dolton, IL – AM Manufacturing has announced that they have obtained bought back a quantity of their model S300, combination dough divider / rounders from the field and plan on refurbishing them and reselling them. These machines will be brought back to current quality standards and will beMore »



Yamato Corp. 800.538.1762 info@yamatocorp.com www.yamatocorp.com The PB-200 Hands Free Portion Control Scale offers a foot tare switch, easy to read remote LCD display and low profile; ideal for portion control in the preparation of pizza and baked goods. It runs on AC or rechargeable battery and toggles between oz, lb, g, and lb-oz. The stainlessMore »



Covertex 800-968-2310 001-905-799-1016 (International Line) www.covertexcorp.com With patented vacuum panels the VAC-PAC approximates the temperature of any auxiliary heated system.But no cords, no staff training, no electrical costs. www.covertexcorp.com

Electrifying results

Electrifying results

Pizza Man Mike 702-289-6013 mike@pizzamanmike.com www.pizzamanmike.com Announcing the next generation delivery vehicle, an all electric, 70+ mph, 3 wheel motorcycle with a range of 100+ miles on a single charge! A fast ½ hour charge will increase your range by 40 miles. With fuel prices at $4.00/gallon, who wouldn’t want to skip the high costMore »