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Avantec Ovens 800-322-4374 Avantec Equipment’s new single- and double-belted ovens deliver a great bake, save energy and can be stacked in any configuration with identical footprint, engineering, and cooking characteristics. Stack up to 5 belts in less than 80 inches within 35 sq. ft. of floor space. The patented air flow system combines directionalMore »



MFG Tray 800-458-6050 Great Tasting Pizza Starts with Great Dough – MFG Tray Co. helps you produce dough that’s consistent every time because your reputation, and ours, depends on it.Stackable, Airtight Boxes keep out contaminents, while increasing the life of your dough.Easy to clean and nsf listed.Ideal for storing, proofing and transporting.Available in threeMore »

Dual power

Dual power

Care Technology LLC has created a unique portable pizza heater/warmer utilizing our patented heating technology to provide continuous heat from 110VAC wall outlets in the store to 12VDC outlets in the car, eliminating bulky and heavy adapters. It is light weight, easy to use and there’s no tripping over power cords. In short, it changesMore »

SPC – Yamato Scales

SPC - Yamato Scales

Yamato Corp. 800-538-1762 A lightweight, durable, user-friendly solution to portion control. The SPC series is perfectly suited forrestaurants, delis and bakeries. A fast, flexible, efficient and reliable way to control your food costs.The SPC-2002 comes in a 4.4lb capacity.The SPC-5005 comes in a 11lb capacityMultiple Weighing Units lb, g, oz and lb/ozAdjustable AutoMore »

PPC-200W – Yamato


Yamato Corp. 800-538-1762  With over/under checkweighing, high accuracy, portability and washdown capability the PPC-200Wis perfectly suited for use in the pizza, seafood, meat processing, and food service industries. The PPC-200W comes in 4lb to 40lb capacities. It can does pounds and kilograms, ounces and kilograms or pound-ounce and kilogram (pound-ounce not legal forMore »

Avantec 2030-2 Conveyor Oven


Avantec Ovens 800-322-4374 Offering the best value in the marketplace today, Avantec Ovens introduces its newest model: the 2030-2 Dual-Belt Conveyor Oven. With two baking belts in one oven, the 2030-2 conveyor oven increases capacity for alternate locations with limited space availability. The 2030-2 also includes Avantec’s patented airflow and air plate technology toMore »

Check Mate “Super Insulated” Pizza Bag

HB-1 rev-08 001

HotBag 248-680-2323 The Check Mate SI Pizza bag is revolutionizing the food service industry.While traditional insulated bags do not provide sufficient heat retention or moisture management, the Check Mate SI Pizza Bag provides both. No longer do you have to settle for one or the other.Features: 1000 Denier Nylon exterior, 600 Denier Nyloninterior,More »

DP-6200 Bench Scale

DP-6200 Bench Scale

Yamato Corp. 800-538-1762 An excellent, easy to use, digital scale for general purpose weighing. It is used in many pizza companies and bakeries. The -6200’s large, rotating and tilting display makes iteasy to read from any angle or distance.The DP-6200 comes in 60lb, 150lb or 300lb capacities. It can does pounds and kilograms,More »

Controlling Food Costs

Controlling Food Costs

SpeedLine Solutions Inc. 1-888-400-9185 One key advantage for most restaurant chains is an effective system for inventory control. More than any other controllable expense, food cost drives restaurant profitability. And while inventory software is an obvious benefit in controlling costs, few operators take advantage of it. Effective inventory control takes work, but theMore »

SpeedLine offers quoted delivery times, in-store and online.

SpeedLine offers quoted delivery times, in-store and online.

SpeedLine Solutions Inc. 1-888-400-9185 With SpeedLine POS, quoted delivery times are set automatically when a customer places an order, whether in-store or online. Quoted times are also updated automatically, in-store and online, depending on how busy your store is at the time of order, meaning that your delivery times are always reliable, accurate,More »