Old fashioned appeal

Old fashioned appeal

Marsal & Sons 800-983-9027 For the baking power and look of an old fashioned brick oven that just won’t quit, the gas-fired brick-lined deck ovens from Marsal & Sons create a look that fits any décor. Marsal also offers the SD Series Ovens (standard deck) for a more traditional look. Also, prep tables,More »

Univex Dough Divider-Rounder


Univex Corp. 603-893-6191 Semi-automatic dough divider rounder. The machine is able to cut and round 600-800pieces of dough per hour. The portions can weight from 3 to 11 oz with the cutting group dividing into 14 sections and from 11 to 23 oz with the cutting group dividing into 11 sections. The machineMore »

Durable beyond compare!

Durable beyond compare!

Pizza Tools 509-232-2556 Lloyd pre-seasoned hard-anodized pizza pans and Quik-Disks™ set the industry standard for ultimate baking performance and unmatched durability. Unlike bare aluminum pans and screens, our pans and disks transfer no metallic flavor into your pizza and stand up to decades of wear, tear and outright abuse. Nearly 20 years afterMore »

PPC-200W – Washdown Portion Scale

PPC-200W - Washdown Portion Scale

With over/under checkweighing, high accuracy, portability and washdown capability the PPC-200Wis perfectly suited for use in the pizza, seafood, meat processing, and food service industries. The PPC-200W comes in 4lb to 40lb capacities. It can does pounds and kilograms, ounces and kilograms or pound-ounce and kilogram (pound-ounce not legal for trade).FeaturesOver/Under IndicatorLarge Removable Stainless SteelMore »

Introducing the CL50 Gourmet

Introducing the CL50 Gourmet

Robot-Coupe 800-824-1646 With its five new processing discs, the NEW CL50 Gourmet machine will allow you to produce waffle cuts in two sizes and dicing cuts in three new sizes (for a total of 8 different dicing sizes.) With the new processing discs the user achieves quality, consistent waffle cuts (4mm and 6mm)More »

SP-1 Touch Screen POS


Selby Soft 800-454-4434 An incredibly easy to use touch screen POS system! Call SelbySoft to see how we can help you increase efficiency and productivity!

Check Mate “Super Insulated” Pizza Bag

HB-1 rev-08 001

HotBag 248-680-2323 The Check Mate SI Pizza bag is revolutionizing the food service industry.While traditional insulated bags do not provide sufficient heat retention or moisture management, the Check Mate SI Pizza Bag provides both. No longer do you have to settle for one or the other.Features: 1000 Denier Nylon exterior, 600 Denier Nyloninterior,More »

Old Meets New

QII Deck Cut Out2

QII Deck 630-462-4944 Harnessing the same energy used in wood and coal fired ovens, the QII Deck cooks with high energy infrared to deliver crisp, golden crusts. The QII Deck is the only conveyor oven that does not use either impingement or convection to force hot air over your product. The QII DeckMore »

UNIVEX SPRIZZA (Pizza Spinner)


Univex Corp. 603-893-6191 Bench model cold system for spinning pizza dough. This machine reproduces the manual dexterity of the pizza- maker as closely as possible by imitating his unequalled delicateness. The original protected micro-rolling system makes the pizza base without heating, simultaneously with the same kind of rim as would be obtained byMore »

Electric Hotbags Ideal for Catering Opportunities

BK-HB-2 003 800-927-6787 School parties, special events and catering opportunities are perfect for the large size Check Electric HOTBAG. When you have to deliver a large quantity at a single time, the large HB-2 Hotbag at 17” X 19” X 12” will keep the entire order oven-hot and the hungry crowd happy. Check ElectricMore »