How National Pizza Chains Are Staying Local with Yelp Ads

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Yelp offers targeted local ads, upgraded business pages, and dedicated support for businesses of all shapes and sizes, from small independent pizzerias to national chains. Yelp Ads appear in a variety of places, including on relevant search result pages and competitor business pages. With Yelp Ads, businesses are able to target consumers precisely when they’reMore »

FDA Menu Labeling Law 2017 The Law That Will Require Pizzas To Be Cut Equally The Portion PadL Is The Ideal Tool

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Traditionally, the pizza industry has viewed cutting pizza as the last process needed before serving pizza to the customer. Currently, there is little importance for cutting whole pizzas accurately and into equal slices. The typical mindset is pizzas just need to be cut. And until now, the consumer has not had a reason to care.More »

iMenuToGo, a custom restaurant mobile app pioneer, enters into partnership with Heartland, the 5th largest merchant acquirer and processor in the US

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New York, NY, May 27, 2016– iMenuToGo is proud to announce a partnership with Heartland; a teaming up that will enable one of the first innovators of online branded apps for mobile ordering to reach the whopping 15%-20% of the restaurant industry that Heartland currently serves, through their highly sought after seal of approval. ThusMore »

Zuldē Mobile Apps Increase Sales


Consumers in the US are very rapidly moving to a mobile only media experience which not only renders many forms of traditional advertising obsolete, it also makes having a mobile app one of the most important marketing strategies that a pizzeria can implement. The statistics on mobile are staggering.  Right now in the US thereMore »

Grubhub Unveils New In-Restaurant Technology

Accessible from any device, the GrubCentral platform makes it easy for restaurants to manage their menus, review Grubhub financial statements and easily process orders from any device. (PRNewsFoto/Grubhub)

GrubCentral Makes Managing Online Orders Easier Than Ever CHICAGO, May 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Grubhub, the nation’s leading online and mobile food-ordering and delivery platform, today announced the launch of GrubCentral, the company’s new in-restaurant technology platform. Accessible from any device, the GrubCentral platform makes it easy for restaurants to manage their menus, review Grubhub financialMore »

StratTrax – Driver Compliance

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Solving issues is what we do best and nothing exemplifies this more than our latest technology, StratTrax. Designed specifically for the pizza industry, StratTrax is a direct result of listening to customers’ requests for 24/7 access to driver information. StratTrax will help standardize the daily process of keeping your employee files updated to prevent aMore »

Avoid Close Calls with Emergency Exit Training


Businesses, such as restaurants, schools, and motels, must have very clear and easy to understand evacuation procedures in case an emergency occurs. A written and fully implemented Emergency Action Plan is needed, outlining specific responses based on foreseeable emergencies, such as fires, chemical releases, earthquakes, and weather-related issues. No one should remain in the buildingMore »

AIB International adds online training for bread manufacturers to LearningLab catalog

AIB International is pleased to announce the addition of Bread Manufacturing Process and Bread Troubleshooting to their lineup of online baking courses on LearningLab@AIB, the company’s online learning platform. The self-paced online courses help participants acquire targeted information one simple module at a time. This much needed information critical for producing quality baked goods isMore »

Kitchen Safety Tips

Knife handling: Do not touch knife blades. If a knife falls, let it go and do not try to catch it. Carry knives with cutting edge angled away from your body and tip pointed down to your side. Hand off to someone by placing knife down on a clean surface and allowing the other personMore »