CABBIE T.I.L.T. Cordless LED Cartop Signs

CABBIE T.I.L.T. Cordless Rechargeable LED

Cassel Promotions & Signs 800-729-7769 New Cabbie TILT automatically lights up when installed and turns off when tilted on its side or stored vertically. Up to 12 hours of operational use on a fully charged battery. Features bright LED lights for optimum visibility and longevity. Includes the all new QuikSmart Battery Charger. FullyMore »

Pizza Oven Tools


GI Metal U.S.A. 800-952-8350 GI Metal USA, offers Italian made oven tools including Pizza Spatulas, cutters, screens and other great tools. All products are made entirely of metal which is sanitary and long lasting. Check out all of our great products at or call us at 800-952-8350.

Dough Trays (Boxes)


National Marketing, Inc 800-994-4664 Our trays are made of Polyethylene proof-retard material. They are light weight and long lasting with a 5 year pro-rated warranty when used in conjunction with our scrapers. Trays are available in 3″ and 6″ depths and colors: white, blue, red and green. Covers are available for both sizesMore »

Pizza Pallet


DMS Innovation 925-786-9054 The Pizza Pallet is a reusable replacement to the traditional cardboard box. The Pizza Pallet is ideal for institutional foodservice work with stacking is desireable. It also is 3 sided for easy movement of pizzas.

Dough Trays

Dough Trays

DoughMate 800-501-2458 Doughmate manufactures a complete line of dough management products including Dough Trays, Lids, Dough Knives and Dollies.All DoughMate products are extremely durable for years of money saving usage. The trays and lids are air tight perfect for transporting and storing dough. All DoughMate products are available direct from the manufacturer andMore »

Peel Boards


Mr. Peel, Inc 734-266-2022 White Birch Peel Boards. Ideal for Bagel Boards & Proofing Boards. 5 Ply and 7 Ply for long, long durability. Rounded corners for easy handling. Call Mr. Peel, Inc. at 734-266-2022 or 888-994-4664 for information on these and a complete line of baking peels.

Laminate Serving Boards

Serving Boards

National Marketing, Inc. 800-994-4NMI (4664) Laminate pizza boards for make-up, cutting and serving. A shape and size for every need in a pizza or restaurant operation. All boards are NSF listed and can be washed in a dishwasher or sink. You can visit to browse our product line of laminate boards. CallMore »

Flameless candles

Flameless candles 949-631-5600 Realistic flameless technology now allows safe candlelight in any setting. Bring a warm, safe glow with a drip-free and spill-proof candle. Further complement private functions and nightly business with a table lamp or tinted wax sheath. No indoor air pollution, soot, or lead. No fire hazard; place among decorations or foliage.More »

Full-Color Printing

Full-Color Printing

Best Choice Printing & Marketing Solutions 800-783-990 – Menus- Flyers- Inserts- Postcards- Doorhangers

Pizza Plates

Pizza Plates

Europaeus 914-739-1900 PIZZA PLATES Wonderful, white Italian porcelain Pizza Plates, high-fired for durability and made of the finest materials available – then finished off in a lustrous glaze. Stylish, Durable, Affordable.Round Pizza Plates#63020 – 12.2” dia.#63024 – 13.8” dia.#63025 – 15” dia.Curly Edge Pizza Plates#63019 – 13″ dia. x .75″ H.