Big Dave’s Pizza Sauce

Big Daves Pizza SauceIngredients 2 cans all-purpose ground tomatoes
2 cans heavy tomato purees
1¼ cans water
.6 ounces leaf basil
.6 ounces leaf oregano
2 ounces black pepper
2 ounces granulated garlic
1 ounce granulated onion
4 ounces salt
4 ounces sugar
8 ounces olive oil
3 ounces Parmesan-Romano cheese

Instructions Open the ground tomatoes and pour into a 22-quart container. Scrape tomato puree into container. Fill one can with water. Pour back and forth between all cans until all tomato solids are rinsed with from walls.

Pour water into two clean cans and add ¼ more water into one of them.

Add all dry spices into one of the cans of water and stir.

Let spices rehydrate for 5 minutes. Pour all water into container and stir until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

Pour in olive oil and stir again. Sprinkle cheese on top and stir again. Date and refrigerate. Good for 7 days.

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