Recipe courtesy of Wolfies PizzaMia, Orlando, Florida

½ teaspoon pink salt no. 2
4 tablespoons Kosher or sea salt
1 tablespoon black peppercorns, toasted and cracked
1 tablespoon fennel seeds, toasted and cracked
5 garlic cloves, thin sliced
5 tablespoons dried lavender
2 oranges, zested
2 pounds pork tenderloin

Mix spices together. Roll meat in it. Seal meat in a plastic bag. Refrigerate for two weeks. Rotate bag.

Completely rinse off herb crust with white wine. Place in container. Refrigerate for one day.
Trust with butchers twine. Hang for 3 to 4 weeks at 55 F. Meat is ready after losing 30 percent of its starting weight.

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