The Martella

The Martella dessert pizzaCourtesy of Mike Shepherd
600 Downtown, Bellefontaine, OH

13 ounce dough ball
5 ounces mascarpone cheese
Pistachios (salted)
Hershey Chocolate Bar

Before starting to make this item you will need to do some advance preparation.

Start by scooping out the Nutella and putting into a pastry bag. Then, shell a handful of salted pistachios and smash into very fine small pieces that can be sprinkled.

Lastly, shave a Hershey’s chocolate bar using a cheese grater or a potato peeler.

Hand toss a 13-ounce dough ball out to fit a 12-inch pizza screen. Spread the mascarpone cheese evenly across the dough using a spatula, leaving a ½-inch edge around the dough.

Using the pastry bag of Nutella that you prepared earlier, create a nice cross hatch pattern of Nutella across the top of the mascarpone cheese. Bake until golden brown and cut into 8 slices. Immediately sprinkle the shaved chocolate and pistachios across the top to your liking.

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