Frittata del’Ortolana (Vegetable Frittata)

Frittata del'Ortolana (Vegetable Frittata)

Ingredients 2 tablespoons olive oil or oil spray ¼ cup sliced fresh mushrooms ¼ cup cooked broccoli florets 2 tablespoons diced zucchini 3 tablespoons chopped onion ½ cup pasteurized liquid eggs (or 2 lightly beaten jumbo eggs) Pinch of salt 2 or 3 twist of the pepper mill ¼ teaspoon dried thyme, crumbled 2 tablespoonsMore »

Parmesan Chicken Tenders

Ingredients 1 cup buttermilk 1-1/2 boneless, skinless chicken tenders 1 cup panko breadcrumbs 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese Salt & pepper to taste Pesto Mayonnaise for dipping* Instructions Place the buttermilk in a large bowl. Add the chicken tenders, turning to coat; let stand for 20 min. Mix the Parmesan, breadcrumbs, salt & pepper inMore »

BLT Bruschetta

Ingredients 1 package of Patrick Cudahy Regular or Thick Slied Bacon, cooked, drained and crumbled 1 French baguette 2 tablespoons light olive oil 4 tomatoes, diced 2 tablespoons fresh basil, chopped 2 tablespoons fresh oregano, chopped 2 teaspoons garlic, finely minced 16 ounces Asiago cheese, shredded 10 ounces provolone cheese, sliced thinly Ground white pepperMore »

Grilled Portobello Burger with Fontina and Basil

Ingredients 3 tablespoons lemon juice 3 tablespoon olive oil 1 teaspoon garlic, minced ¼ teaspoon salt ¾ teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper 4 medium Portobello mushroom caps 1 cup Fontina cheese, shredded ½ teaspoon dried oregano leaves, crushed 4 split crusty roll 1 tablespoon fresh basil, chopped Instructions 1. Preheat grill or broiler2. In aMore »

Pomodoro Ripieno

Ingredients 10 large, halved, cored, and seeded plum tomatoes Freshly ground pepper to taste 3 tablespoons finely chopped fresh basil 1 cup fresh bread crumbs made from day-old Italian bread 1 peeled clove garlic 1 teaspoon crumbled dried oregano 1 teaspoon crumbled dried thyme ¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil 1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese InstructionsMore »

Cold Antipasto Appetizer

Cold Antipasto Appetizer

Ingredients 2 cups cauliflowerets 2 cups broccoli, cut up 2 cups carrots, sliced 1 green pepper, cut up 2 ribs celery, cut up 2 ounce jar pimientos, drained 2.5 ounce jar olives, drained 3/4 cup wine vinegar 1/2 cup olive oil 2 tablespoons sugar 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon oregano leaves 1/4 teaspoon pepper 1/4More »

Spiedini alla Romana

Ingredients 1 sub sandwich roll or torpedo roll that measures 10-12 inches long 5 slices of mozzarella cheese, about 2×2 inches and 1/4 inch thick 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons grated Romano (or Parmesan) cheese Instructions Square off the ends of the roll. Cut five slits on the diagonal into the roll, butMore »

Chicken/Turkey Sausage Master Base Recipe

Ingredients 7 pounds boned chicken and turkey leg and thigh meat. 3 pounds boned chicken breast meat 1 ½ pounds pork fat cut into 1/4 –inch dice, or 1 cup olive oil 1 tablespoon finely chopped garlic 2 tablespoon coarse grind black pepper 3 tablespoons kosher salt 1 ½ cups wine or ¾ spirits andMore »

Frittata Giambotta (Frittata with Sausage, Eggs, and Peppers)

Ingredients 4 unpeeled small red skin potatoes about ½ pounds 3 tablespoon olive oil ¼ pound link Italian sausage, casing removed and meat crumbled ½ cup chopped red or green bell peppers or a combination 1/8 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 1/8 teaspoon whole fennel seeds 1 cup liquid eggs (or 4 lightly beaten jumboMore »

Best Ever Onion Rings

Ingredients 3 large onions (about 9-11 ounces each), peeled and trimmed 1 cup flour 1 teaspoon paprika 3/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 1 cup of beer Oil Instructions Cut onions crosswise into 1/2-inch slices; pull apart into rings. Combine flour, paprika, salt and pepper in large bowl. Stir in beer, beating with wire whipMore »