Mushroom Pizza Sauce

Courtesy of Michel Arvblom, World Pizza Champions, Sweden 8 ounces sliced mushrooms 1 tablespoon butter 1 tablespoon olive oil ½ cup dry red wine 1 cup beef broth 2 tablespoons flour 3 tablespoons cold water Salt and pepper, to taste 1 teaspoon dried parsley flakes Sauté mushrooms in butter and oil for 3 to 5More »

Chipotle BBQ Sauce

chicken wings with chipotle bbq sauce

Courtesy of Piecasso Pizzeria & Lounge, Stowe, Vermont 2 gallons barbecue sauce 1 8-ounce can of chipotle in adobo sauce Use an immersion blender to mix peppers evenly through sauce. Note: For a milder flavor, remove chipotle pepper seeds before blending.

Bacon Ahogadas Sauce

3½ cups of your proprietary pizza sauce 3 ounces red onion 1 ounce roasted garlic 2½ tablespoons ground cumin 3 tablespoons oil (canola or EVOO) 5 ounces of precooked, shaved bacon bits for the pizzeria 2 tablespoons chopped, pickled jalapeños (add more to taste for heat index) In a bowl, toss the onion, oil, bacon,More »

White Truffle Mushroom Crema

sausage, pizza, white truffle, mushroom, crema, sauce, recipe

Ingredients: 2 large Portobello mushroom caps 1 tablespoon finely chopped garlic 1 heaping teaspoon mushroom base 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 2 cups whole milk ricotta 4 ounces of pre-prepared Béchamel (Alfredo) sauce 1½  tablespoons white truffle oil. (You may use two if you want it stronger.) Instructions: Place the Portobello mushrooms on aMore »

Chipotle-Onion Jam

chipotle onion jam pizza

Courtesy of John Gutekanst, Avalanche Pizza, Athens, Ohio This is wonderful to top on aged cheddar, feta and even gorgonzola pizzas. Cream sauce pizzas are great with this jam. 3 tablespoons olive oil 4 large onions cut in vertically, then in half-strips 1/8-inch thick 3 chipotle peppers from a small can of chipotle in adoboMore »

Meat Sauce

Meat Sauce

Ingredients ½ cup olive oil 4 pounds ground pork 8 pounds ground chuck 4 large green bell peppers, cored and chopped 2 large onion, chopped ¼ cup fennel seeds ½ cup finely chopped garlic 1 cup dry wine 1 #10 cans ground whole pear tomatoes or tomato puree 2 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons ground pepperMore »

Marinara sauce

marinara, sauce, pizza sauce

Yields about 4 cups of sauce. Scale up in direct proportion 2 tablespoons olive oil ½ cup chopped yellow onion 2 cloves garlic, pressed or minced 7 cups canned plum tomatoes, crushed by hand, juices drained 2 teaspoons each dried oregano and basil ½ teaspoon sugar Salt and pepper to taste In a large heavyMore »

Pepperoni Gravy

pepperoni gravy, topping pizza, sauce, pizza skin

1½ cups natural casing pepperoni (only the good stuff!) 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 12 ounces pre-prepared béchamel (Alfredo) Place the pepperoni and oil in a pizza pan and place into an oven at 475 F for 4 to 6 minutes until the pepperoni starts leaching juices and remove just before it gets crispy. PlaceMore »

Giovanni’s Aurora Sauce

pizza, sauce, chicken, peppadew, spinach, Giovanni's, aurora sauce, recipe, menu

Ingredients: 1 No. 10 can of pre-prepared sauce 1 2.5 pound bag of pre-prepared Alfredo, (Béchamel) sauce Instructions: Stir both together using an immersion blender. Note: You can add hot pepper flakes for a Diablo sauce or chopped basil for a savory soup. You can go all out with chopped roasted garlic and braised beefMore »