Throwback Thursday: The wood-burning oven craze in May 2008

Mandy Detwiler

Back when the late great Pat Bruno wrote this May 2008 cover story on wood-burning ovens, the novelty of this style of pizza was just beginning to hit the mainstream. We quickly became inundated with requests to check out the first wood-fire pizzeria in this town or that. We heard countless claims of being theMore »

Stop the topping overload

Denise Greer

Some customers are just like my father and say, “toppings — the more, the merrier.” But when that mentality is on your make line, it can scream disaster for your pizza quality, food cost and your bottom line. The other day I grabbed a quick bite at one of the new fast-casual pizzerias that seemMore »

Throwback Thursday: Oh, mamma! in May 1988

Mandy Detwiler

I wish I’d seen this cover last month in time for Mother’s Day! Our May 1988 issue was a tribute to Italian mammas and featured the late Dom DeLuise (1933–2009), who dedicated his cookbook to his mother. Indeed, women play a much larger role in our industry than ever before –– and not just asMore »

Details matter with regulars

Denise Greer

I can still remember this sweet, older man who used to come into a restaurant I worked at two to three times a week nearly 20 years ago. He always ordered an ice tea with two lemons and very little ice. He liked to talk about his garden and his grandchildren. Two decades later, IMore »

Conversation with Joshua Katz, Ben Yehuda Cafe and Pizzeria, Silver Spring, MD

Joshua Katz, Ben Yehuda Cafe and Pizzeria, Silver Spring, MD, kosher, Jewish

Joshua lets us in on operating a kosher pizzeria Ben Yehuda Café & Pizzeria    Silver Spring, Maryland Opened in 2000, Ben Yehuda’s is one of only a few Kosher-certified restaurants in the Washington, DC area. To be kosher we follow the strict dietary laws outlined in the Bible. For example, the Bible forbids the consumptionMore »

Man on the Street: ‘What’s Your Story?’

Scott Weiner

I felt simultaneously enraged and enlightened when I read an interview with a restaurateur on a food Web site last week. He insisted that the reason people return to restaurants has nothing to do with the food itself, but instead hinges upon the other components of a dining experience. I’ve always thought of myself asMore »

Commentary: What I learned in Italy

Jeremy White

It’s the motherland when it comes to pizza, right? I mean, how many American chains and independent pizzerias use some form of Italian reference in their marketing or menu descriptions? When it comes to pizza, to be Italian is to be superior, right? Not always. I recently spent a week in Italy with my publisher,More »

Throwback Thursday: Delivery fees become industry debate

Mandy Detwiler

When I first started at Pizza Today waaaay back in 2004, my idea of pizza delivery was whatever was cheapest … and if I had a coupon I came out even more ahead. Any time I could get dinner delivered for around $10, I considered it a win. Those days are long gone based mainlyMore »

Respect to the Pizzaiolo

Denise Greer

I spent my Memorial Day weekend primitive style, camping with my entire family in Hoosier National Forest. I wanted to do something special for them and also take some of the knowledge that I have gained through our pizza visits, in the Pizza Today test kitchen and through the study of our Dough Doctor TomMore »