A Conversation with Lisa Dahl, Pisa Lisa, Sedona, AZ

Pisa Lisa - Lisa Dahl, Sedona, Arizona

Lisa lets us in on Pisa Lisa’s bumpy start and its rebound Pisa Lisa Sedona, Arizona Sedona restaurateur Lisa Dahl adjusted her wood-fired pizzeria concept – which opened last year – to include table service.   In the beginning it was chaotic… In these new businesses, it’s very important for you to admit what youMore »

Commentary: Just give me my pizza!

Jeremy White

I’ve had some poor customer service over the years just like all of us, but the most recent restaurant letdown still has me scratching my head. On the way home from a youth soccer practice recently, I decided to order pizza. Typically my family likes to eat in the pizzeria, but this time I wasMore »

Dough Doctor: Roll with it

Back road pizza, santa fe, new mexico, dough, rolling

The old-fashioned way still works   Q: What are your thoughts on rolling pins? A: Some time ago I was in on a conversation between a number of individuals lamenting the cost of a dough roller for their shop. The discussion moved from single-pass to double-pass rollers, and then off on a tangent to doughMore »

It’s Fall at PT

Jeremy White

The Autumnal Equinox, or what we regular Joes simply refer to as Fall, officially arrived this week. And we brought it in with style in the PT test kitchen, where Managing Editor & Foodstylist Mandy Detwiler spent the day preparing a bevy of Fall menu items. Using recipes supplied by readers and our very ownMore »

Dough Doctor: Cut it out

Slicing pizza borriello brothers

What slicing tool is best for your operation? Q: I’m putting together an equipment list for a pizzeria that I plan to open soon and I’m trying to decide between using a pizza wheel or a rocker knife to cut my pizzas. Are there any advantages or disadvantages to using one over the other? A:More »

Respecting the Craft: Pizza Romana

Tony Gemignani headshot

One of my favorite styles of pizza is pizza Romana. Some people can get confused because, like New York-style, there are sub-categories. For example, there’s Pizza in Teglia (pizza in the pan), Pizza al Taglio (pizza by the slice), Pizza a Etro (pizza by the meter), Pizza Focaccia and Pizza in Pala (pizza on woodMore »

Man on the Street: Socially Awkward

Scott Wiener

Got social media? Here’s how to use it right   I’m so glad I don’t have to write another column about why everyone should be active on social media. You already know how vital it is to your pizzeria’s marketing plan and posting had become a part of your routine. Now that you’re a socialMore »

A Conversation with Adam Matt, Slice of the 80’s

Natalie Adam Matt Slice of the 80s Conversation

Adam lets us in on the pizzeria’s pop culture theme and its new ordering app   Slice of the 80’s Westland, Michigan Opened in 2008 as a 1980s-themed restaurant, Slice of the 80’s is the creation of Adam and Natalie Matt. In addition to its menu of pizza, calzones, wings and salads, the pizzeria alsoMore »

Commentary: Explore New Worlds


A long time ago explorers heard of new worlds. They were excited to set out to explore and bring back to their homeland exciting stories and fresh ideas. We know it changed the world as they knew it. I have been extremely fortunate to be able to explore new worlds with this opportunity as yourMore »

The Campus Market

Denise Greer

In the next few weeks, colleges across the country begin their fall semesters with an influx of new students. And if you are located near a college campus, how do you marketing to this advertising-saturated, tech-engaged generation? Last week, we posted an industry headline about Push for Pizza, a quick, push-of-a-button pizza-ordering app created byMore »