2012 August: Food Costs Killing You?

2012 August: Food Costs Killing You?

Is your bottom line being adversely affected by food costs? If so, Big Dave Ostrander has this to say: “After I realized that I was leaving tens of thousands of profit dollars unaccounted for, I studied and achieved the perfect food cost month in and month out.  The biggest breakthroughs I discovered were: Placing in-line portionMore »

Marketing Matters: Your POS as a Marketing Tool

2012 September: Marketing Matters

My Point of Sale system is the prettiest cash register ever! But does this beauty have brains? American Scientist Donald Norman says, “Beauty and brains, pleasure and usability they should go hand in hand.” If that is the case then this POS is worth every penny I paid for it. For example, my POS hasMore »

Conversation with Salvatore Reale, Ville Reale Pizzeria, Pittsburgh, PA

2012 September: Conversation

Salvatore lets us in on running a longtime family-run pizzeria Villa Reale Pizzeria Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania The Reale family opened Villa Reale Pizzeria in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1976. Born in Italy, Salvatore is known in the Pittsburgh community as a “Godfather of Pizza.” (To reach our success) — It has taken hard work, great customerMore »

Man on the Street: Why pizza?

2012 September: Man on the Street

Some folks are into football. Others are into baseball. Plenty are into NASCAR. I’m into pizza. I know the players, their statistics, what gear they use and where they worked before being “traded” to another team … errr pizzeria. It’s an obsession that quietly crept into my life and took control over the past decade.More »

The Dough Doctor explains dough consistency

2012 September: Dough Doctor

For many operators, dough is the major challenge to making great pizza. Here, we will address some of the things that operators can do to produce consistent quality dough. Like so many other things in life, pizza dough performance can be typified by the old motto of “GI-GO” or “garbage in, garbage out.” Your doughMore »

Ask Big Dave: Adding pizza to the menu

2012 September: Ask Big Dave

Q: I have a restaurant in Wilmington, NC, and want to add pizza to the menu. I am clueless to the pizza industry other than I love good NY pizza! Can you give me a list of equipment I need with brand names included? And should I buy pre- made dough or have the pizzaMore »