Think Thin

2012 August: Think Thin

Tips for making the perfect thin-crust pizza Thin crust pizza is like the proverbial opinion — everyone has one, and theirs is the best. If you believe that your thin crust pizza is absolutely the best there is, take this opportunity to do something constructive like walk the dog, or empty your trash. Otherwise hangMore »

2012 August: Frequent Diners

2012 August: Frequent Diners

Here are some tips for setting up your own frequent-diner program: • Train your employees about the importance of your frequent diner program. Offer incentives to employees who sign up the most customers. Also train them to remind the customer to present any type of loyalty card during the transaction to ensure customers remember. •More »

Marketing Matters: The price of advertising

2012 August: Marketing Matters

A good ad is priceless, but can a price-less ad be good? Most of us would be hesitant to run an ad campaign without a price point, and right­ly so. Research firm Phoenix Marketing International finds that the inclusion of specific pricing is a key factor of high per­forming quick service restaurant advertis­ing. Their researchMore »

My Turn: Michael Sutcliffe, Pizza Pronto, Wheaton, IL

2012 August: My Turn

If I only knew… After nearly 20 years of running big-box retailers, I decided that it was time for me to chase the American dream and take a leap of faith in opening my very own pizza place. Little did I know how much easier it was to dream the American dream than to actuallyMore »

Conversation with EJ Martinez, Power Pizzeria, South Beach, FL

2012 August: Conversation

EJ breaks down his healthy pizza concept, its growth potential and its whey protein dough Power Pizzeria South Beach, Florida EJ Martinez first conceptu­alized Power Pizzeria while a disc jockey in South Beach, Florida in 2004. After rebooting the concept with four com­pany-owned locations in south Florida, Martinez began franchis­ing the pizzeria this year. EverybodyMore »

Man on the Street: The Name Game

2012 August: Man on the Street

Imagine a world in which doctors disagree on terminology for common procedures. Or what if plumbers used the same name for different sized pipes and connectors? Houses would flood, limbs would be accidentally amputated — there would be absolute mayhem. The pizza world isn’t in imminent danger, but I’ve noticed an increase in misused terminologyMore »