Throwback Thursday: Decadent Desserts in October 2005

October 2005 CoverFew people love sweets as much as our creative director Rick Daugherty. That’s why he jumped at the chance to create a dessert pizza that would actually SELL in a pizzeria.

Back in 2005, dessert pizzas were still a novelty. Sure, you could find cinnamon sticks at most places, but a full-blown dessert pizza delivered to your table? A little unheard of back then.

Today, we’ve had some really stellar ones. Pre-made spreads like Nutella and fig jam make dessert pizzas easy. Expect to see a great one on our trending page in the August issue (although I should have chopped the peanuts finer — there’s a hint for you!)

One of my favorite desserts is this cinnamon swirl pizza. It’s great for leftover dough and can be held in a case for sale. Market it as a cinnamon roll for breakfast the next day. (Seriously, it is SO good.) If you’re willing to try a little harder, one of our most searched recipes is this Italian 3-Layer Cream Cake. Just offering ONE housemade dessert can really elevate your sales.

Do you sell a unique dessert or dessert pizza? Let us know and you could be featured in an upcoming article!