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2009 August: Expo News

By Bill Oakley

2009 August: Expo NewsThe one thing that really separates International Pizza Expo® from all of the other general foodservice shows is that our tradeshow floor and seminar program are totally devoted to the pizza industry. In fact, there’s not another food show, let alone another so-called pizza show, where you’ll find three full days of pizza-specific seminars, demonstrations, networking opportunities and contests all devoted to a single industry, except International Pizza Expo®.

At Pizza Expo® you’ll find 4½ football fields of pizza-related products, services and equipment, as well as the leading industry experts, consultants and analysts, who are all willing to share new ideas and insight on how to adapt, react and prosper in today’s economy. At next year’s show, you’ll find new speakers discussing current issues and topics dealing with the rapidly changing commodities market, latest pizza trends, financing as well as how and when to react to supplier price changes.

Here are just a few of the new speakers and topics we have planned for our 26th annual show:

? Sean Brauser, owner of Romeo’s Pizza, will tell you how to expand to multiple locations and market your brand.

? Scott Aylward, former CEO of one of the largest U.S. advertising agencies, and Pattye Moore, former president of Sonic Corp. will conduct two sessions on Branding and Client-Vendor Relationships.

? Cindy and Steve Berson, owners of Pie in the Sky Pizzeria, will conduct a session on Life Partners to Business Partners.

? Bill Fournet, business entrepreneur, will help you navigate the Perfect Storm: Multi-Generational Workforce, Technological Innovation and Accelerated Uncertainty.

? G. Kent Mangelson, CFP, will speak on Lawsuit Protection, Tax Reduction and Estate Planning.

? Gary Montgomery, former TV sports anchor, will speaker on Building a Positive Attitude and Adjusting to Change.

? Ben Parks, Risk Management Consultant, will speak on the Commodity Market Outlook.

? Ken Whiting, industry expert on providing solutions for entry-level workforce challenger, will teach how to inspire young adults and teens to participate, contribute and excel at work.

The bottom line is that there’s always something new at Pizza Expo® that can improve your pizzeria … a new marketing idea, technological innovation or menu item. As always, our commitment to you, our partners, is to continue to grow and improve every facet of Pizza Expo … from the tradeshow floor to our networking events and contests. In fact, if you don’t come away from International Pizza Expo® with a new cost saving or profit boosting idea, I’ll refund your registration fee. All you have to do is put it writing to me and I’ll send you a prompt refund. What other show gives you a money back guarantee? I’ll tell you –– no one!

Remember International Pizza Expo® is a tax-deductible working vacation. For more information on our contests or to register, please call (800) 489- 8324 or visit our Web site at

It’s all pizza and it’s all for YOU!

Best regards,

Bill Oakley