March 8, 2013 |

2009 June: Simple Ideas

By Pizza Today

2009 June: Simple IdeasTargeting Teens

By the end of next year, there will be 35 million teenagers in the United States. At the peak of the baby boom, there were 33 million. And, what’s more — today’s teens have more disposable income than any other generation of teens had. Luckily, teens love pizza, so attracting them shouldn’t be all that difficult. Still, here are some tips:

? Use social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, to reach out to them with marketing.

? If you have room for video or redemption games, take advantage of the space.

? Hire them. If teens work in your shop, their friends will hang out there and eat.

? Bundle. Try two slices, a breadstick and a drink for $5.99.

? Get involved with area high schools and middle schools. Donate pizzas to the band boosters, athletic departments, etc.

A Nice Touch

If there is such a thing as a “secret” ingredient that all operators should add to their pizza sauce, it would have to be olive oil. Swirl a tablespoon or two into your sauce about 10 minutes before it is ready to come off the heat. Extra-virgin olive oil is always the best choice as it adds fruitiness to the sauce.

Solar Powered

Do you use sun-dried tomatoes as a pizza topping or in your pasta dishes? If so, you’ll get greater flexibility and lower cost if you buy them dried (versus those packed in oil) and re-hydrate them in boiling water. Just remember, their flavor is very intense —so don’t go overboard when you add them to a recipe.

Measure By Weight, Not Volume

Weighing ingredients truly is the only way to ensure dough consistency. A cup of fl our, for example, may actually be different every time depending on how tight or loosely the fl our is packed into the cup. By contrast, 16 ounces will always be 16 ounces. If uniformity is a concern, this is a surefire way to address it.