April 1, 2011 |

2011 April: Inbox

By Pizza Today

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Where’s My Mag?

I have received your magazine in the past, but I quit receiving it. I have been to your Expo three times and plan on going again. Could you please put me back on your mailing list?

Dan Pfau
Alphonsus Pizzeria
Minot, ND

Dan, we’re sorry you dropped off our mailing list. Because we want our circulation to be as highly qualified as possible, this sometimes happens to folks who do not fill out the subscription form annually. At any rate, let’s get your subscription going again. To do this, visit PizzaToday.com and click on “News & Views” in the green header bar. From there, click on “Subscribe,” then “Subscribe to the Magazine.” Fill in the necessary information, and you’re all set.

The Dough Doctor

Might you refer me to some articles from past publications that could provide me with additional dough info? I am thoroughly enjoying the process of opening a pizzeria and hope to contribute a success story some day to your outstanding publication.

Matt Watson
Kalamazoo, MI

Matt, check out the answer to Jay’s question regarding the Hot 100 Independents. All you need to do is visit our archives and you’ll find a highly informative Dough Dr. column in each and every issue. Also, you should go ahead and make plans now to attend International Pizza Expo 2012 in Las Vegas. There, you’ll find a wealth of dough-making instruction that will greatly aid your pursuit of the perfect pizza crust.

Hot 100 Independents

Hi, love your magazine! Thanks! Was trying to find a list of the top 100 independents and couldn’t. Any chance you could provide me with a link to that list?

Jay Costas
Silver Beach Pizza
St. Joseph, MI

Jay, our annual Top 100 Independents list appeared in our October 2010 issue. Simply visit PizzaToday.com and go into the digital issue archives (located directly beneath the image of our magazine cover on the top left of your computer screen). Open the October 2010 issue and then flip to page 70.