August 1, 2011 |

2011 August: Inbox

By Pizza Today

We are excited about the upcoming event in October and I would really love to be involved. If you are looking for additional help, let me know. I could help with promotion of the event or help recruit riders (women especially). Unfortunately, I have friends who are battling this terrible disease.

Lisa Archdale
Seattle, Washington

Lisa, we wish your friends the very best. Breast cancer impacts so many people. There’s not a pizzeria in America that hasn’t been touched by this disease — that’s why we’re working so hard to rally the industry together to focus on this very worthy cause.

We would love your help. In fact, we need all the help we can get! Our Editor-in-Chief, Jeremy White, is spearheading Slice of Hope … he’ll be in touch with you soon.

Pretty Please?

Next time could you please print pink Slice of Hope shirts and offer them in a women’s cut? Pretty, pretty please?????

Marie Johnston
via Twitter
San Clemente, California

You have asked so nicely. How could we possibly say no to that? In the meantime, however, we have thousands of black and gray shirts available in sizes M-XXL. To order, visit and click on the Slice of Hope icon on the home page.

Tech Savvy

When will Pizza Today be on the iPad? It’s the only paper magazine I still read … and I want to be able to read it on the iPad with my other subscriptions.

Duane Mooney
via Twitter
Indianapolis, Indiana

We’ve got some very exciting projects in the works, Duane. Some really innovative stuff will blow you away and just might one day get us on the cover of Wired magazine. Keep your eyes out.

Not only are we the leader in foodservice publishing today — but we’ll also be the leader tomorrow, as well.