August 1, 2011 |

2011 August: Social Media

By Pizza Today

Pizza Tweets

Cassano’s Pizza

TRIVIA TUESDAY …. name our two mascots …. First correct answers wins a Free Pizza! #TriviaTues Reply @CassanosPizza

Why it works: Any mention of free food is sure to get the attention of followers, but Cassano’s takes it a step further. This tweet encourages folks to look for the company’s mascots –– typically done by visiting its Web site. It also uses the commonly tweeted #TriviaTues, which makes it visible for anyone searching under that hash tag.

Hot Z Pizza

Tuesday Lunch specials @ our Landisville location from 11AM-2PM: Turkey sub = $4.50 tax. Bowl of chili & 1/2 Turkey sub = $5.25 tax.

Why it works: This tweet manages to get two daily specials into 140 characters. Not only are they reasonably priced but this tweet also lets followers know there’s more to this company than just pizza.

Facebook Pizza Feeds

Sal’s NY Pizza: Made 2 extra pizzas on K rd by mistake – a cheese and a pepperoni. First 2 people that call 360-7257 right now can get either pizza for $1! Pickup only, 1 pizza per call. Thanks…

Why it works: Way to turn lemons into lemonade! Rather than chuck a couple of mistakes into the trash, this pizzeria managed to generate a lot of buzz on Facebook and recoup some loss. The quick promotion went so well that Sal’s posted another just an hour later. Genius!

Papa Vince Pizza: 24 Slice Pizza 3 Toppings $17.99 Call Now 905-227-9394

Why it works: That’s a big pizza for a great price. This Facebook post also gives the phone number –– an immediate prompt to pick up the phone –– as well as a link to the Web site so users can peruse the menu. It’s a fool-proof promotion!