December 1, 2011 |

2011 December: Inbox

By Pizza Today

Slice of Hope
Friday was such a great success for Slice of Hope here at my restaurant. We had been advertising for roughly three weeks and the turnout that our community showed was tremendous. I will be sending a check for the amount of $465.04 to the Karen Mullen Breast Cancer Foundation today. On behalf of my employees and myself, I want to say thank you to Jeremy White for coming up with this wonderful idea. We had a great time Friday and our community here in Clare, MI, showed how supportive they are by making Slice of Hope a success.
Once again thank you and we look forward to doing this again next year!
Shari Buccilli, owner
Buccilli’s Pizza
Clare, MI
Sharon, thank you for helping to make Slice of Hope a first-year success!

Making a Difference
Just wanted to pass along our thanks for sponsoring Slice of Hope. We here at LaPizzeria Restaurant in Huntsville Ohio are happy to say that between our 10% of sales, our T-Shirt purchases and individual donations collected during the event we were able to raise approximately $1,000.00. We will be forwarding you a check for $760.00 for the donations, as we have already paid for the T-shirts.
My lead waitress, who is also my sister, is a breast cancer survivor of 2 years.
Thank you again,
Randy Henson and the Crew
LaPizzeria Restaurant
Huntsville, OH
Randy, thank you! And congratulations to your sister for beating this deadly disease. We wish her, and your entire crew, continued health, happiness and success.

Pizza, Cookies, Community …
What’s Not to Love?
Greetings from Vincent Caltagirone, owner of Golden Crust Pizza in Red Lion, Pennsylvania. For Slice of Hope, we had a GREAT day & night despite our power outage for about an hour or so towards evening around 5:30 p.m. It happened on our prime time, but power was restored finally around 7 p.m. I did pledge 10% of my bottom line in FOOD sales & we managed to raise over $500 towards this deadly disease despite the power outage. I hope we made a difference in helping to fight this disease through our participation in your event on Friday October 7, 2011. The servers worked very hard to help raise the money for this event & we even decorated the dining room in pink balloons. Our customers also received throughout the day FREE cookies made up by the cooks with pink chocolate morsels baked on top & they were yummy! We even had a few of our customers make personal donations towards the event & on top of it all we all had FUN doing it for the Foundation & Pizza Today.
Good luck with the upcoming results of the other fine pizza restaurants that also participated in the event & I can hardly wait to see how much was collected in donations. Thanks again & it was a pleasure hosting this event.
Vincent Caltagirone, owner
Golden Crust Pizza
Red Lion, PA

Vincent: we are proud to say that you did in fact make a HUGE difference with your contribution to Slice of Hope. Thank you very much for all you did on that day. Like you, we can’t wait for the total amount raised to roll in. We’ll publish the figure once it’s available to us from the Karen Mullen Breast Cancer Foundation.