December 1, 2011 |

2011 December: Social Media

By Pizza Today

Pizza Tweets

Venezias Pizzeria

Our restaurant isn’t just for adults. Bring the kids and let them enjoy awesome food from the kid’s menu!
Why it works: Our Twitter feed is full of beer and football right now –– bravo for taking the time to tweet to parents! We love the fact that Venezia’s added a link to their menu right in their tweet, encouraging parents to check out their offerings. We especially like the kid-friendly emphasis –– great for tired working parents who don’t want to cook after a busy day.

Chanello’s Pizza

Are you a Pizza Picasso? Build your own Specialty Pizza starting at only $8.49 for 5-toppings! What will you create tonight?
Why it works: This clever Tweet encourages customers to order custom pizzas that go beyond the specialty line-up on Chanello’s menu. There’s more to life than a supreme or pepperoni pizza, and Chanello’s wants to create it for you. Want to add grilled sirlion to your anchovy pizza? No problem. They’re happy to oblige. >> Recipes >> Roasted Red Pepper Pizza

Facebook Pizza Feeds

MacKenzie River Pizza For your tastebud’s pleasure, try a bowl of our creamy, made from scratch Cheddar Broccoli Soup today – pair it with a salad and fresh baked breadsticks for $7.75….All you can eat!!!

Why it works: MacKenzie River does a good job of advertising that they offer more than pizza –– and the fact that their soups are homemade. This is the perfect time of year to offer soups, and when paired with a salad and breadsticks appeals to diners who may not be in the mood for ’za.

Bella Napoli Italian Restaurant PASTA NIGHT!!! Monday night, best deal in town. By one pasta entree and get the second one for only .99 cents only at Bella Napoli Italian Restaurant. Also, don’t forget to ask for and try our award wining cream of crab soup. Grazie e Buon appetito.

Why it works: Bella Napoli grabs attention on a typically slow night –– Mondays. This affordable special is sure to bring in diners, and it also spotlights that the restaurant has a full menu of entrées as well.