July 1, 2011 |

2011 July: Inbox

By Pizza Today

New Operator Seminars

Am I eligible to attend the 2010 Pizza Expo even though I will not have opened a pizzeria yet by that time? If I understand correctly, the Expo is also designed for attendees who are getting ready to open a pizzeria. Thank you.

Heather Koppes
Mansfield, Ohio

Heather, not only are you eligible to attend — but you’re crazy if you don’t! I would never dream of opening a pizza shop without first visiting International Pizza Expo to take in the wealth of information available in the educational seminars and to network with vendors on the exhibit floor. Also, take note that New Operator Monday on March 12 — the day before the Expo officially kicks off — has four seminars specifically designed for first-time pizzeria owners. Highly recommended.

The World Didn’t End?

I am always trying unique marketing ideas, so this past weekend was supposed to be the end of the world
(May 21). I posted a special for the weekend on Facebook and it actually made the Atlanta news Saturday night. Check it out! I thought I would share. It was a hit!

Chris Nonnemaker
Papa’s Pizza To Go
Cleveland, Georgia

This letter was sent to us just as we were finalizing the issue you are now holding in your hands. You may recall, there was lots of scuttlebutt in the merry ol’ month of May about the world coming to an end. Alas, that didn’t happen. Just as the world endured, so did the
innovative marketing alluded to in this letter. Nonnemaker and crew posted an “End of the World” special on their Facebook page. It offered a money-back guarantee if the world ended. Clever indeed. And it drew Papa’s Pizza To Go lots of attention. Nice job, Chris.

Slice of Hope Hi, I was informed of the Slice of Hope campaign from Scott from the Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, Fox’s Pizza Den. I would like to be involved! Please send me some info, marketing material, whatever you have. I want to know how to sign up.

Julie Ford
Fox’s Pizza Den
Uniontown, Ohio

Julie, thanks for your interest. The information you requested is on the way. For anyone else who wants to take part in Slice of Hope, visit PizzaToday.com and click on the Slice of Hope icon on the home page. There, you’ll find a pledge form, information on t-shirt sales, etc.

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