June 1, 2011 |

2011 June: Inbox

By Pizza Today

Pizza Applications

Any plans on developing a mobile app?

Jason McGovern
Denver Deep Dish
Denver, Colorado

Jason, that’s a great question. All we can say for right now is that we are secretly working on many exciting new projects. Some of these are groundbreaking. Some of these will come to fruition very soon. Keep your eyes out.

Kitchen Design

Pizza Today, thank you for your insight to many great topics. I purchased my pizzeria from my in-laws six years ago and things have never been better. Even in the recession we saw a terrific jump in sales. The name Pasquale’s is very well known to anyone in North-Central Iowa (check out our fan base on Facebook). One problem, we are way too busy to keep up on Friday and Saturday nights. We bake everything in our double deck oven; appetizers, sandwiches and, of course, pizza. The design of our kitchen was never intended to efficiently produce the volume we do. Are there any resources out there that help with kitchen design and efficiency layout?

Matt Brown
Pasquale’s Pizza
Humboldt, Iowa

One of the primary mistakes people make when opening a pizzeria is failing to ensure that the kitchen is equipped to handle an increase in volume. You’re not alone, Matt. Unfortunately, you cannot increase your available space without massive and costly renovations. You can, however, maximize it. That topic is too big to address on this page, but it sounds like you need the help of an experienced consultant. Many suppliers and equipment distributors offer this type of advice to their customers, so start there. If you aren’t able to get the help you need that way, we’d recommend calling in someone like Big Dave Ostrander to set you on the right path.

Slice of Hope

My name is Shannon Mccown. I own a mobile brick oven pizza truck in Portland, OR. and would love to volunteer my time and truck to create a “Pizza Carb Stop” somewhere along the route. We can make pizza as well as have plenty of cold drinks! Is this something you might be interested in? Please call or e-mail me if you are interested. I have a long volunteer history with the ACS in Hawaii and would love to continue the work on some level here!

Shannon Mccown
Slice Brick Oven Pizza
Portland, Oregon

Shannon, are you kidding? Of course we’re interested! We are grateful and thrilled that you want to be a part of Slice of Hope and help us meet our objective of raising critical funding for breast cancer research. Since we’ve announced Slice of Hope the feedback has been nothing but spectacular. The outpour of support is touching. This disease impacts everyone, and it’s time we come together as an industry and work towards a common goal. Thank you so much for your generous offer of creating a Carb Stop for the Slice of Hope cyclists. We will absolutely take you up on your offer. In fact, Editor-in-Chief Jeremy White will be in touch with you soon — probably before this page makes it into print.