May 1, 2011 |

2011 May: Inbox

By Pizza Today

Pizza Cares

Several of my employees have had cancer strike their families as well. We are going to have in-house fundraisers for them. If possible, it would take someone with more connections than me, I would like to see something like a pink ribbon promoting cancer awareness for either an entire month or even an entire year included on pizza boxes. A Web site or phone number on where to find info on cancer awareness and to make a donation could be placed on that pink ribbon. Or perhaps even the boxes themselves could be tinted pink for a time to promote it. Good luck with your endeavor. We will do what we can locally.

Tony Mellencamp
East of Chicago Pizza Company
Berne, IN

Thanks for your interest, Tony. You have some really good ideas. A pink box would be very cool (hint, hint manufacturers). We are making “Slice of Hope” stickers that will be given to pizzerias that donate money to our breast cancer research fundraiser. Our hope is that thousands of pizzerias across the country will proudly display these stickers on their front doors or windows. Imagine the powerful change we can make as an industry if we can get America’s 70,000 pizzerias pointed in the same direction. See the commentary on page 3 for more info.

Got Milk?

I heard that some pizza dough recipes are prepared with milk. Is this true? What does adding milk do for the crust?

Scot Miller

Yes, this is true. Milk can either be added in liquid or powder form. Though it isn’t that common, some places do in fact do it. Essentially, milk helps brown the dough. Sugar does the same thing much more cheaply. To get milk to add real flavor to the dough, you would have to use a lot of it. Replacing the oil in the dough recipe with butter would do the same thing more inexpensively. So, let’s cut to the chase: from our point of view, milk is a completely unnecessary ingredient for your dough formula. Skip it.

The Show of Shows

My name is Brandon Hunt, you don’t know who I am and I don’t think we have ever had the pleasure of meeting, but I wanted to send you a quick e-mail to let you know how much all you and your team’s effort is very much appreciated. Last year my brother and I attended the Pizza Expo in Vegas and got to meet some great people who have been helping us open our first pizza venture. With the help of the expo we have gotten the help of Tony Gemginani, Big Dave and Glenn Cybulski.

Last year, we were on our own and in over our head a little. This year, after two expos and a lot of Pizza Today reading we are getting closer to opening and more
confident than ever. This year we had an even bigger blast meeting even more people and trying some great products. Glenn Cybulski’s seminars really hit close to home and helped out a ton. I don’t have a lot to say other than thanks for putting on such a great event, thanks for making it a lot easier for the little guys and thanks for keeping the pizza world a tight community. We look forward to continuing our growing efforts and hopefully one day helping others in the future. Everyone has been so great to us and the event, two years running for us, has been worth every penny and more. Thanks for the great job you guys do and it is not going unnoticed. I look forward to next year’s events! Thanks.

Brandon Hunt
Via 313
Austin, TX

Thank you, Brandon! This year’s International Pizza Expo was indeed a winner. We look forward to seeing you there again next year.