May 1, 2011 |

2011 May: Social Media

By Pizza Today

Pizza Tweets
Organic Pizza Co
Enjoy the #Colorado sunshine today on our patio for lunch – a slice of scrumptious OPC pizza and @Oogave soda for $3.99
Why it works: This tweet lets Twitter followers know that the restaurant’s patio is open for business while at the same time highlighting a daily special featuring a local soda. The only thing missing in this post is the all-too-important contact number or Web site. The shop does offer its Web site as part of its profile description.

Extreme Pizza
Want to join our mobile rewards program, just text ‘XPizza’ to 56687 or click here to join…
Why it works: Kudos goes to Extreme for linking directly to a sign-up page instead of its homepage, encouraging registration for its loyal rewards program. It also offers Extreme’s location and phone number. Recipes
Recipe Link
Find this amazing recipe and many others at

Facebook Pizza Feeds
Cloverleaf Pizza: Get an $8.99 Large Deep Dish Square One Topping Pizza Special from the Carryout & Delivery locations today – Don’t wait promotion ends March 31st! Saint Clair Shores 586-445-2810 or Clinton Twp 586-286-9030
Why it works: Cloverleaf is right on target with this post. It makes an offer at a great price, gives an expiration date, provides a call to action and gives phone numbers for each location.

360 Pizzeria: Last month our Beer Dinner sold out…don’t miss your chance to attend this month’s. We’re hoping for the same enthusiasm this time around, so call 360-260-3605 to reserve a spot!”
Why it works: Letting fans know that an event was so popular that it sold out is a great way to establish excitement and a “can’t miss it” vibe. Providing the phone number also entices fans to call right away or risk losing out. One crucial piece is missing — the date for the next beer dinner. Even without a date, this post is still buzzworthy for beer lovers.