November 1, 2011 |

2011 November: Inbox

By Pizza Today

Best of the Best

I’ve received several calls from colleagues who have read the latest issue of Pizza Today. Everyone has remarked that it is the best edition of the magazine ever published. Congratulations! You and your staff have done an outstanding job. You have always published the best pizza magazine and I feel that PT has become one of the best trade publications of any type.

Thank you again for giving me an opportunity to participate. You folks always do everything with a sense of professionalism and commitment. It is a joy to work with you.

John Arena
Metro Pizza
Las Vegas, NV

John, we are humbled by your very kind words. Thank you.

Healthy Ingredients, Healthy Kids

You are dead on with milk. Not everyone wants to feed their kids soda during the entire meal! I have 6 and 8 year old girls and we are always disappointed if milk is not available.

Best Regards,
Mike Spence
Vice President
SelbySoft, Inc.

Mike is referring to editor-in-chief Jeremy White’s column from page three of the October issue of Pizza Today. In that commentary, Jeremy discloses that he’s always a little disappointed when he takes his children to a pizzeria that does not offer milk. Not that he’s opposed to letting his kids have a soda now and then, but he definitely prefers their growing bodies to get nourishment from milk when it’s available. Mike obviously feels the same way.

So, let’s hear from you, pizzeria owners. Is it worthwhile to carry milk on your menu, or do you have to throw it out too often?

The Pizza You Deserve

Good evening. I read about your experience with the pizza delivery and I am sorry for your kids and you.

I will not offer you delivery, because I don’t do delivery, but if you will ever be in Texas, it will be my pleasure to treat you and your Family to the BEST PIZZA IN THE WORLD. Check my Website and you will see what my customers are saying:

Hope to see you one day!

Mr G.
Mr. G’s Italian Pizzeria
Bryan, TX

Mr. G is referring to editor-in-chief Jeremy White’s column from page three of the August issue of Pizza Today. In that commentary, Jeremy detailed a delivery that went very wrong. The result, his two young children waited more than 90 minutes for a cheese pizza after a quoted delivery time of 45 minutes. When Jeremy phoned the pizzeria after 75 minutes to check on his order, that’s when things really went downhill. The pizzeria employee basically said, “I don’t know where it is and when it will arrive, but the delivery driver isn’t anywhere to be found, so it’s probably on its way.”

Anyway, Mr. G., thanks for the offer. The next time Pizza Today is in Bryan, Texas, we know where we’re having pizza!