October 1, 2011 |

2011 October: Inbox

By Pizza Today

A Delivery Gone Wrong 

I swear, if you lived in northwest Indiana, this could be my restaurant. It’s scary. It doesn’t matter how much I stress the customer service aspect of the job, it kills me to see reviews that are exactly of this nature written about my restaurant online or emailed to me. I am lucky that in my recent crop of hirings I have started to weed out the bad attitudes of some of the people left over from when I bought the place, but man, that commentary, it’s exactly the thing I’ve heard in the past and never want to hear again. I am tearing that article out and taping it to the fridge in the kitchen. Thanks for offering some reinforcement to what I have been saying.

Kevin Murray, owner
Val’s Famous Pizza and Grinders
Chesterton, Indiana

Kevin is referring to the page 3 Commentary in the August issue of Pizza Today, which detailed a badly botched delivery. Kevin, thanks for reading and good luck weeding out those attitudes!

Rise & Shine

We read the article in June 2011 Pizza Today By Tom Lehmann about breakfast pizzas. We just started breakfast pizzas this summer and they are a huge hit! The favorite is the Eggs Benedict Pizza with handmade hollandaise sauce. We are a small country general store with a full pizza kitchen here at a Lake Resort community in California.

Thanks for your magazine; we read it every month. As well as the Pizza Expo we went to 6 years ago that inspired us to start a pizza business.

Keith & Marianne Banksto
Bee Rock Store & Pizza
Bradley, California

Breakfast pizzas are so delicious that we can’t figure out why more shops don’t give them a try. You’re already in the store making dough and prepping veggies and your ovens are already on, so why not offer breakfast and coffee as a way to pick up incremental sales?

It’s Only Pizza First, I want to thank you. I enjoyed reading the “My Turn” guest column more than I can express.

My parents opened the Roadhouse Restaurant in Staten Island in October 1971. I got involved the summer before I turned 15 years old. I washed dishes during my high school years and first started to work the ovens while I was spending time in the kitchen. Still, to this day, when I have to jump back there and make a pie the staff gets this look on their faces like, “YOU know how to make pizza?” I am now 50 years old and I never fell out of love!

We have been receiving Pizza Today for quite some time, and I dive on it like it’s a Victoria’s Secret catalogue. I love the pictures and the recipes, and I am embarrassed to say I don’t remember the “My Turn” column before reading it today. But I will be sure to look for it from now on. I even hope to be a guest one day!

It felt great to relate to someone else who feels “It’s not only pizza.”

Jodi D’Andrea
The Roadhouse Restaurant
Staten Island, New York

Jodi is referring to the “My Turn” column that Avalanche Pizza owner John Gutenkanst penned for our July 2011 issue. We’re glad it struck a chord. And don’t feel too embarrassed, Jodi. The guest column is fairly new. It has been a hit, so we will continue it throughout 2012 as well!