October 1, 2011 |

2011 October: Social Media

By Pizza Today

Pizza Tweets

Streetza Pizza

Tweet & you get a sweet. A free mini-slice of S’mores pizza tonight just for @ us on twitter 🙂 Water Str 10p-3a.

Why it works: Streetza Pizza not only let its Twitter followers know it menus a dessert pizza (and yes, we’ll take a slice of that!), it generated traffic and plenty of return tweets. That means more than just those who follow Streetza saw the tweet –– and perhaps became customers themselves.

Metro Pizza
@Metro Pizza

Bring your friends and family for 1/2 off pizza 2:30-4:30 at any of our full service locations. Enjoy great pizza AND save money

Why it works: This is a great promotion, hitting that slow period between lunch and dinner. A half-priced pizza is a big discount –– and chances are most folks will pad their checks with drinks and an appetizer or dessert in return.

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Facebook Pizza Feeds

Coscino’s Pizza Italian Restaurant Happy Monday. Serving Lunch Specials with Salad from $8.00 & up. Also 2 for 1 Pizza Slices all till 3PM. Tonight, KIDS EAT FREE with purchase of Adult Meal $10. & up.

Why it works: Coscino’s got in the fact that it has multiple lunch specials, offers two-for-one pizza slices and has a kids’ night. This Facebook post packs a lot of punch in a little amount of space.

The Pizza Peel We’re not trying to be “west coast” here, but this California Club and gazpacho is a great lunch special. Come get yours until August 21st.

Why it works: This East Coast pizzeria does two things here –– show off the fact that it offers lunch specials and menu items other than pizza. Add an end date to their LTO and this post created an urgency to visit the store before the expiration of the summer special. Use this idea for new fall items.