April 1, 2012 |

Commentary: Read Pizza Today on your iPad!

By Jeremy White

Jeremy White, Editor in ChiefTablets are changing the publishing world, and here at Pizza Today we want to make sure we’re ahead of the curve. That’s why I’m ecstatic to announce to you that we have just launched a free app for the iPad. Go to iTunes and search “Pizza Today” to get started. The download is fast and easy (did I mention free?). In less than two minutes after starting the download you’ll be able to read the April issue of Pizza Today — the very magazine you’re holding in your hands as if this were still, like, 1984 or 2009 — in its entirety.

I couldn’t be more excited. The number of iPad users is on the rise quickly. In a few years, these devices will be as common as a PC is today. And when the majority of pizzeria owners own a tablet, we’ll be right there for them with the best editorial in all of foodservice.

So much can be done on the iPad, from a magazine’s perspective. For example, you’ll notice that if you click on some of the photos on the iPad version of Pizza Today, an embedded video automatically plays. Talk about taking interactive publishing to the next level!

If you own an Android device, don’t feel like you’ve been left out in the dark. While the market share for iPads is through the roof (in fact, iPad owns an astounding 73 percent market share, says Forrester Research … no Android device owns more than a five percent share, according to Tech Crunch), we recognize that there are just some people who will prefer an alternative format. For those who favor Android systems, we’re working on an app for you, too.

As magazines change in the digital age, we are committed to being the leader in this category. That’s why I’m asking for your feedback. What do you like about magazines you read on your iPad? What catches your eye, what bores you? What do you like about the Pizza Today app? What do you dislike about it? How can it better serve you in the future? What would you like to see as it evolves? In short, how can we make it better and match it to your needs and desires as a reader?

We’re eager to please.


Jeremy White, editor-in-chief