April 1, 2012 |

2012 April: Social Media

By Dave Ostrander

Pizza Tweets

Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint @UncleMaddiosKY

I very much enjoyed my Whole Wheat Baja personal sized pizza and Vanilla Dr Pepper yesterday at Uncle Maddio’s!

Why it works: Liking their own pizza aside, this Tweet let followers know that this Uncle Maddio’s franchise offers whole-wheat dough, a personal pizza and an uncommon –– yet popular –– flavor of a fountain drink. That’s a lot in one sentence!

Transfer Pizzeria

If you’ve got a lunch meeting, we’ve got you covered! Work week lunch special: $6.95 for a sm one-topping pizza & sm drink. Plus, free WiFi.

Why it works: This Tweet was directed at the busy lunch crowd. A non-fast food lunch under $10 that includes a drink? That hits all the sweet spots, and the addition of the fact that the restaurant has free Wi-Fi targets those who prefer to work through the noon dining hour. Well done!

>> FEATURE Dish it Out

What is this pizza called Chicago deep-dish, and what makes it so different from other pizzas? In the truest sense, deep-dish pizza (pizza-in-the-pan is the alternate nom de pizza) is a first-generation descendant of what Italian-Americans commonly referred to as “tomato pie.”

To read the rest of this article visit: http://www.pizzatoday.com/wp-content/uploads/legacy/Buckets/deep-dish-pizza


Facebook Pizza Feeds

Monkey Joe Des Moines Wednesdays are one of my favorite days here in the jungle because we have $1.99 Mini Monkey Meals. You can get a corn dog, hot dog, chicken nuggets, or a slice of pizza together with a small drink and a bag of chips for that low low price!! I think I will go for the pizza today!

Why it works: Is this special aimed at kids or adults? For $1.99, who cares? You can’t buy a frozen dinner for that price. Wednesdays are the day to eat at Monkey Joe’s!

Soda Creek Pizza Best in the Boat for 12 years! “Snow in Texas”: Fresh Dough, Chopped Garlic & Olive Oil, Mesquite Chicken, Artichoke Hearts, Fresh Tomatoes, Mozzarella & Ricotta Cheeses. Call 871 1111 to order… or order online from the icon to the left on our fan page. Use promo code “pilot” at checkout and save 20%.

Why it works: This Facebook post catches the eye with the description of a pizza, a phone number and a secret Facebook-only code. What a winner!