August 3, 2012 |

2012 August: Conversation with Bill Jacobs

By Pizza Today

If you’ve ever wished you could sit down with a super-successful operator and quiz him about the keys to pizza profits, you’ll want to sit in on Pizza Expo 2013’s Wednesday morning keynote one-on-one session with $6-Million-Man Bill Jacobs and Pizza Today editor Jeremy White.

Jeremy will be your surrogate at this kick-off to the second day of Expo, March 20. He’ll guide the discussion with Jacobs, whose Piece Brewery & Pizzeria in Chicago grosses more than $6 million in sales per year from one unit. You’ll learn through this candid insider’s exchange why Jacobs sold his successful bagel company and turned to pizza in 2001; how he found the perfect location in a mature pizza market and built revenues; why he’s resisted opening a second unit; and much more.

Piece was named Pizza Today’s Independent Pizzeria of the Year in 2011 and Jacobs, a Connecticut native who brought New Haven-style pies to the Windy City, has an engaging story to tell. There will be time for questions from the crowd as well during this wide-ranging and insightful keynote session.

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